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The Lovely Bones – by Alice Sebold

Susie Salmon (like the fish) is fourteen-years-old in 1973. She has “mousey brown hair,” a family she loves (including a great dog) and a junior high school that she goes to. She is also dead, and this story is Susie telling the reader about her life, her death, and what happened after that.

This is a sad, heartbreaking kind of story. Susie watches from heaven as her family deals with her absence. Susie aches to be with them, but is mostly unable to be. So much is lost! Susie was just at that age where she was starting to have crushes on boys, and then, when she starts dating someone wonderful, she dies before the relationship gets a chance to go anywhere.

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Book Reviews, fiction 0 comments on The Priest’s Madonna – by Amy Hassinger

The Priest’s Madonna – by Amy Hassinger

The Priest’s Madonna fits into the historical fiction genre. The main story takes place between 1884 and 1917, in a small village in France. Marie, and her family (her parents, foster sister, and younger brother) move into a small village due to some misfortune. They are not greeted very warmly at all.

Marie is sixteen-years-old at the time.  Soon, a friend of her mother’s comes to live with the family. Berenger Sauniere is good looking and charismatic, and catches the attention of the young Marie.

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Book Reviews, classics 0 comments on Dracula – by Bram Stoker

Dracula – by Bram Stoker

This the book that started it all! All the vampire movies and all the vampire books that came after were inspired by what Bram Stoker wrote way back when. It dawned on me recently that even though I have read many other books about vampires, I had never actually read this Classic.

And now, I know why.  It is not an easy read! I usually fly right through a book once I have started reading it, and this one took a long time. It is not written in a narrative format, but rather, in a series of letters and journal entries written by each of the characters.

Some characters know things that the others do not, and that makes things a bit confusing. The letters and journal entries are written in a loose chronology, but not exactly. The reader ends up jumping back and forth in time in places, and sometimes ends up reading the same event twice from different characters points of view.

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Book Reviews, science fiction 0 comments on The Swarm – by Frank Schatzing

The Swarm – by Frank Schatzing

The Swarm is a science-fiction book that focuses on biology and genetics.  The main premise is that there are aliens living in the oceans, who have been there much longer than humans.  The aliens are much smarter than we are, and have gotten really tired of our destructive ways.

Most of the characters in the book are scientists, from different countries and branches of science.  They are trying to connect the dots between the many catastrophes and plagues that are happening around the world – in the hopes of discovering the source of it all.

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