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One More Trip Through the Crypts

It was starting to feel like I had been stuck in Act I of Nightmare Mode for too long. Don’t get me wrong, I like Act I, and I was having a good time playing through it on Monster Power 1 (or 2). For whatever reason, I just had to get my Barbarian, Zeta, into to Act II already!

First, a little side trip through the Cemetery of the Forsaken (while on Monster Power 2), in an effort to hopefully get a little closer to finishing the Haunted Achievement. Hopefully, this will be the last time I see it for a while (because I will have moved on to Act II).

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Shopgirl – by Steve Martin

Shopgirl is a fitting title for this book. One of the main characters is Mirabelle, a twenty-something wallflower who spends a large part of her days behind the glove counter at Neiman’s. She is a girl who works in a shop.

The book really captures the boredom that surrounds that type of retail job. She sells things that no one wants to buy. She spends her days arranging the gloves, waiting for customers that rarely appear, and daydreaming until it is time for her to go home. The next day is the same, and so is the next one. You can feel time slow down to a crawl within the walls of Neiman’s as Mirabelle is working her shift.

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