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Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas – Heroic Arachnid Quarter – Anub’Rekhan

Curse of Naxxramus is the new solo adventure content in Hearthstone.  I’ve finished the Normal Mode and the two class challenges in this section.  The next step is to try the Heroic Mode.

So far, I have been really unsuccessful with this part!  Try as I might, I cannot defeat Anub’Rekhan in Heroic.  Instead, I ended up using it as a way to level up some of my decks that still needed to unlock cards.  I also took this opportunity to experiment with building a customized deck (something I’d never tried before).

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Flight Rising: Livewire Grizzly

The Livewire Grizzly was part of the 2014 Thundercrack Carnivale in Flight Rising.  It is an annual event that takes place at the end of July.  The “new year” starts over in June with a brand new batch of collectible Elemental Familiars.  Last time around it was Sprites.  This time is is a series of bears.

The best way to obtain an Elemental Familiar is to pick it up while the holiday is going on.

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Hearthstone: Opening a Pack

My primary motivation for writing this blog, right now, is because my computer’s start up disk is full (again).  Blizzard Entertainment has blessed me with lots and lots of patches to their games, the WoD beta, and the HOTS Alpha.  I can’t keep them all, so I’m going to temporarily delete Hearthstone for a while.

The secondary motivation for writing this blog is to use up some Hearthstone screenshots that I’ve been meaning to put into a blog.  Desperation has inspired me to become efficient, it seems.

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Why Did You Start Playing Warcraft?

This blog is the first in a ten part series that I am doing because I want to participate in the 10 Years: 10 Questions project.  Each of the ten questions asks players to recall, and share, the memories that they have of World of Warcraft over the last 10 years.

Question 1: Why did you start playing Warcraft?

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The Warlord’s Deathwheel

Earlier this year, Blizzard Entertainment paired up with Paul Jr. and his team from the television show American Choppers. The purpose was to have two choppers created – one based on the Horde and one based on the Alliance. This mini-version of the regular show was called Azeroth Choppers.

As you may recall, a vote was taken after both the choppers had been completed. Players of World of Warcraft were asked to vote for the chopper that they most wanted to see in-game. When the voting was over, it was clear that the Horde had won. Here is how to get your own, in-game version, of that chopper.

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Flight Rising: Legacy Challenge – Fifth Generation

The Flight Rising Legacy Challenge is a 10 generation breeding challenge. To begin, you must purchase an ungened starter dragon. The goal is to end up with an attractive triple gened dragon at the end of the Challenge.

There are specific rules and limitations that you have to adhere to as you do the Challenge. In short, your first pair of dragons spawn the second generation. The first baby born becomes the heir, and grows up to be the founder of the second generation. And so on, and so on, and so on…

In this blog, I focus on my fifth generation of dragons. I’m halfway done with the challenge! All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

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V is for Virgil

This blog is part of my series that was supposed to be completed as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge that took place in April of this year.  The rules require all participating bloggers to write one blog that fits with each letter of the alphabet and to post the blog on the correct day.  I failed to complete the Challenge on time.

My plan was to use the Challenge as a way to get started writing about Diablo III (and its “universe”).  The amount of detail that I wanted to put in the blogs proved to be too overwhelming for the time span I was allotted.  I still wanted to write about the ideas I selected, so I’m going to keep working on them.  The only difference is that they will be posted when I am able to (instead of within a certain time span).

V is for Virgil.  He is a non-player character (NPC) that players run into extremely briefly during one of the quests to collect the sword pieces for “the Stranger”.  Poor Virgil!  We hardly knew you.
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Diablo III: Storm of Light by Nate Kenyon

Diablo III Storm of Light by Nate KenyonDiablo III: Storm of Light is Nate Kenyon’s second book that was written in the Diablo “universe”. Like his first one, Diablo III: The Order, this book is about situations and adventures that take place just outside of the story you learn as you play through the Diablo III game.  If you ever wondered what happened in between Act IV and Act V in Diablo III, this is the book that has the answers you are seeking.

This book review will not include any “spoilers” from the book.  However, I am going to reference parts of the Diablo III video game.  If you are someone who has not yet completed the game through the end of Act IV, you may want to bookmark this review and return to it after you have seen the cinematic for Act V.

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Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramus – Arachnid Quarter – Rogue Class Challenge

The Curse of Naxxramus is a solo adventure that you can play in Hearthstone.  This blog is about the Rogue Class Challenge that is in the Arachnid Quarter portion of the adventure.  First, you must beat all three of the bosses in the Arachnid Quarter in “Normal” difficulty.  This unlocks the two class challenges.  In this blog, I will focus on the Rogue Class Challenge.

It took me two tries to get through the Rogue Class Challenge.  The screenshots that you see in this blog were taken on July 29, 2014.  The next step, after completing both the Class Challenges in the Arachnid Quarter is to fight against the bosses in “Heroic” difficulty.

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The Scarlet Letter – by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The first time I read The Scarlet Letter, I was unimpressed. I was fifteen years old, and sitting in a stuffy classroom, dreaming of being anyplace but in my English class. Nothing can kill a great work of literature quicker than being forced to listen to the droning voice of an exhausted high school teacher as she dissects each word and phrase, laying out all the little pieces of meaning for us to observe. It was almost physically painful to sit through.

Decades later, I came across a copy of The Scarlet Letter, lying on a “free” table in the laundry room where I live, and decided to give the book another try.

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