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Flight Rising: Polarfreeze Defender

The Polarfreeze Defender was the holiday Familiar for the Crystalline Gala event that took place in January of 2015. The easiest way to obtain this Familiar was to Gather up 35 Eternal Snow currency and spend it at the Festive Favors booth while the Crystalline Gala was going on. The Eternal Snow currency would randomly drop if you selected the “Ice” Flight when you did your gathering.

The Polarfreeze Defender is one of the bear Familiars that are featured this year. Last time, there were Sprite Familiars. If you didn’t get the Familiar while the holiday event was taking place, you will have a more difficult time getting it. Try the Auction House. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

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The Condition – by Jennifer Haigh

I’ve always found it interesting how siblings who grew up in the same home, with the same parents, can experience completely different childhoods. Parents, despite their best intentions, cannot possibly treat all of their wonderful, unique, frustrating, children in exactly the same way. The result is that everyone in a family ends up with memories of events that don’t quite match up. I think this concept is a good place to start from when you read The Condition.

Paulette and Frank got married, and had children, in the 1970’s. The book stars with Paulette and her sister Martine who are driving to to Cape Cod to spend some time in a cottage by the beach. It is the traditional vacation for this extended family. Paulette’s children, Billy (age 14), Gwen (age 12), are in the backseat. The youngest sibling, Scotty (age 9), has been relegated to the rear of the vehicle because he is so energetic and excited that he is impossible to sit next to.

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Flight Rising: Crystal Clear Achievement

Flight Rising is a game where you take control of a Lair that is filled with dragons. One of the fun things you can do with your dragons is breed them. Personally, I always find it interesting to see what the baby dragons will look like.

There are several breeding Achievements that you can earn. I’ve made an effort to earn as many Achievements as I can (mostly because I think doing so is fun). The last breeding Achievement I needed to earn was the Crystal Clear Achievement. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

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Paragon Leveling Achievements (Season 1)

Season 1 in Diablo III included several Achievements that were “Season Only”.  One group of them was the Paragon Leveling Achievements.  As you may have guessed from the name, these Achievements were earned when a player reached a certain Paragon Level on his or her Seasonal character.

One of the goals I set for myself during Season 1 was to hit Paragon 100 on my Seasonal character.  In part, this was because I wanted to get all the Seasonal Paragon Leveling Achievements.  The bigger reason, though, was because I had never before gotten a character from Level 1 to Level 70 and then gone on to get that same character to Paragon 100.
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Waiting – by Debra Ginsberg

The full title of this book is: Waiting: the true confessions of a waitress.  It is the memoir of Debra Ginsberg as she looks back upon the years she spent working as a waitress.  If you are like me, and have never worked as a “server”, the book will give you an interesting glimpse into what that experience is really like.  She gives the reader an insider’s view of the job, of how various restaurants function (or dysfunction) and a lot of interesting social observations about both the waitresses and their customers.

Those of you who have worked as a waitress, waiter, or server, might find that some of her stories resemble something you have lived through.  Anyone who is interested in sociology will find the stories she shared about the people she worked with, or waited on, to be very insightful.

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Flight Rising: Another Dragon Featured!

If you visit the Flight Rising website, you will see a “Random Dragon” that is being featured. It changes frequently. I like that they do this. It’s fun to see what other player’s dragons look like. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything in their system that automatically notifies a player whose dragon had been featured.

That being said, there is a forum post that is trying to bridge that gap. It is under the “Dragon Share” section, and is titled Ping the Random Dragon’s Owner. To participate, you post the dragon that is currently featured and post the dragon owner’s name with an @ in front of it. The player will get a notification that someone mentioned them in a forum post.

This was how I learned that another one of my dragons got featured. This time it was Snicklefritz. He’s a Spiral dragon. His genes are: Midnight Iridescent/ Ivory Seraph / Ivory Crackle.

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Feats of Strength Achievements (Season 1)

Season 1 in Diablo III is coming to an end “soon”. We know there will be a Season 2. However, it isn’t completely clear which Seasonal Achievements from the first Season will re-appear in upcoming Seasons.

This blog focuses on a section of Seasonal Achievements in the “Feats of Strength” category. They were really easy to obtain – just keep playing the game and you will earn them eventually. Each of these Achievements unlocked something special for player’s banners.  One unlocks a special transmog for helm and shoulders.
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The Champion’s Treadblade

In 2014, Blizzard Entertainment paired up with Paul Jr. and his team from the television show American Choppers.  The purpose was to have two choppers created – one based on the Horde and one based on the Alliance.  This mini-version of the regular show was called Azeroth Choppers.

You can now obtain the Alliance Champion’s Treadblade in the World of Warcraft game. Start saving up your gold!

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Flight Rising: What I Learned from the Legacy Challenge

I started working on the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge in March of 2014. It took me until January of 2015 to complete it. Part of the reason it took so long had to do with the “cooldown” timing that governs when dragons are able to breed. The rest was due to me deciding to hold off on breeding dragons because I was too busy that week in real life.

The amount of time it took to finish this challenge gave me the opportunity to really think about it. I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned from doing the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge.  Your experience may vary, but perhaps some of this will help you. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

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