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Blueprints of the Afterlife by Ryan Boudinot

Blueprints of the Afterlife is one part science-fiction (from the not so distant future), one part dystopia (masquerading as a utopia in parts), and one part a story about the importance of knowing who you really are.

It’s a gigantic puzzle for the reader to put together, as told by characters in chapters that are juxtaposed out of context with chapters from the viewpoint of other characters. Some of the characters never meet each other, and yet, are connected in a string of events directed by a mysterious man named Dirk Bickle.

I love it when books make me think about how all the pieces fit together, rather than spelling it all out for me. This is one of those books that had me thinking about the “universe” it exists in, and how it functions (or dysfunctions), long after I’d finished reading the story.

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Candy Crush Saga: Bubblegum Bridge

Episode 7 of Candy Crush Saga is called Bubblegum Bridge.  It is the first Episode that involves the Bubble Gum Troll.  Some of the levels in Episode 7 included the Bubblegum Troll “gumming up the works” by throwing bubble gum into the game.

I found this Episode to be more difficult than the previous ones.  It took longer than I expected it would for me to complete it.

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Neko Atsume: Mementos

Neko Atsume is a cute little game where the entire purpose is to collect all the cats. Players put a variety of items into their yards/homes, and fill up food dishes with cat food. The cats will appear until the food runs out.

Cats that really like you will give you a Memento. According to Neko Atsume Wiki, a Memento is proof that we have become a cat’s friend.

This blog shows all of the Mementos that Neko Atsume cats have given to me. I’ve included a translation for the screenshots that are in Japanese (and were taken before the game enabled players to switch to English).

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Flight Rising: Hurricane Herald

Flight Rising is a game where players control a Lair full of dragons. There are many things you can do with your dragons, including breeding them, dressing them up, and having them fight in the coliseum.

Each month, Flight Rising has a special Holiday event that celebrates one of the Dragon Flights. The Mistral Jamboree celebrates the Wind Flight.  The  Mistral Jamboree was held during the last week of March, and the first few days of April, 2016. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

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Diablo III, Diablo Seasons 0 comments on Season Journey Chapter 4 (Season 5)

Season Journey Chapter 4 (Season 5)

Completed Chapter 4 Season 5The Season Journey was first introduced into Diablo III during Season 4. It has returned for Season 5, but is not exactly the same as it was before.

Some of the objectives have been changed from one Season to the next.

Players needed to complete Chapters 1-4 in order to receive the Seasonal portrait frame, pet, and armor set. There were additional parts of the Season Journey to complete after Chapter 4, but I was not able to finish them. (I almost got Slayer accomplished, but failed to finish a Level 30 Greater Rift).
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