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Season Journey Wrap Up (Season 7)

unhallowed-essence-set-dungeon-mastery-attempt-season-7Season 7 was the first time I had the opportunity to try out the Champion part of the Season Journey.  I gave it my best try, but was unable to complete it.

Even so, this was the farthest I’ve gotten through the Season Journey.  I wish I could have done better – but I’m not disappointed in what I accomplished.

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The PSL Contains Gluten

So, today, the pollen count finally calmed down and my allergies were not as horrifically bad as they have been for weeks.  So, I had a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.  I had one during the weeks I was sick, but too sick to realize that the PSL was actually making me sicker.

Barely drank half the PSL and got all the symptoms I get that indicate that I’ve been glutened.  After doing a bunch of research online – it turns out that the sauce in the PSL from Starbucks contains gluten.

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