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Pokémon GO: Medals

There are a lot of medals that players can earn in Pokémon GO. It is possible to earn all of them simply by playing the game as you typically would.

There are three versions of each medal: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Some medals offer special bonuses to players, or unlock in-game items.

Here are the medals that I have earned all three versions of in Pokémon GO (so far). This blog post will be updated when I earn more.

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Little Black Dress – Episode 050

In this episode, I read a piece of my writing that was inspired by something that was going around on Twitter. People were asked to share their worst first dates. Here’s mine!

I read “Little Black Dress” on episode 050 of Words of Jen.

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Season 17 (Season of Nightmares) – Chapter IV Completed

I decided to play a Hardcore Barbarian in Season 17, and felt like my progress was moving very slowly. Things sped up dramatically after I acquired more Ancient items.

The special thing about Season 17 is the Community buff:

While you have no Set bonuses equipped every Ancient item you have equipped increases your damage dealt by 750% and reduces your damage taken by half.

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Kitchen Scramble App – Cookiehagen

Cookiehagen is the eleventh town in the Kitchen Scramble game. The recipes in this town include a variety of cookies, and some foods and beverages, that seem like things people would consume near Christmas.

The cold, snowy, landscape of Cookiehagen seems impossible since it is located right next to warm, sunny, Albuqueso.

It turns out that Pepper, the player character, accidentally ended up there.

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A Timeline of the GOP’s Attempts to Destroy Obamacare – Part Three – Continued

This blog post is a continuation of everything significant that happened with Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, and access to reproductive health care in the United States in 2019. Part Three left off at the end of June of 2019. This blog picks up in July of 2019.

You may want to go back and take a look at the efforts that the Trump administration and the GOP made to destroy people’s access to health care in 2017 and in 2018.

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