I’ve decided to do a series of blogs about my progress through the very first Season in Diablo III.  This one is about all the Achievements that Gurr the Barbarian got in his adventure through Act 1 of Story Mode (on Normal Difficulty).  There is a Leaderboard that has to do with Achievements.  I doubt I will get on it, so I’m making my own personal version of it here.

If you want to check out the other aspects of what I accomplished in Season 1, you can take a look at my previous blog in this series. It shows Gurr’s Adventure through Act I. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on either August 29, 2014, or August 30, 2014.

Hero of the Ages: Join a Cooperative game in a Season

A Nice Place to Visit: Explore the following areas of New Tristram.

Overlook Road, New Tristram, The Slaughtered Calf Inn, Leah’s Room, Cain’s House, Old Tristram Road, The Old Ruins, Adria’s Hut

Rarely There: Equip a rare (yellow) item.

The Matriarch’s Bones: Complete the Matriarch’s Bones event.

Bloodletting: Kill 25 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies in cooperative games.

Rite of Passage: Reach Level 10

Mighty Vengeance: Equip a mighty belt and a mighty weapon at the same time.

To The Smithy!: Acquire the Blacksmith.

Breaking Not So Bad: Use a Merchant to repair an item.

Change is Coming: Get 100 Season Achievement Points in Season 1.

Scavenger: Pick up 10,000 gold.

A Guiding Light: Use the Templar as your follower.

Legends of the Brawl: Equip a legendary (orange) item.

Thorough Investigation:  Explore the following areas of the Cathedral.

Cathedral Level 1, Cathedral Level 2, Cathedral Level 3, Cathedral Level 4, Leoric’s Passage, Cathedral Garden, The Royal Crypts

The Mad King’s End: Kill the Skeleton King

Spoils of War: Pick up 10,000,000 gold.

Stolen Moments: Use the Scoundrel as your follower.

Last Stand of the Ancients: Complete the Last Stand of the Ancients event.

A Balanced Approach: Get 200 Season Achievement Points in Season 1.

Field Work: Explore the following areas of the Fields of Misery.

The Weeping Hollow, Cemetery of the Forsaken, Fields of Misery, Sheltered Cottage, The Old Mill, Drowned Temple, The Festering Woods, Crypt of the Ancients, Warrior’s Rest

Stay While And Listen: Listen to All of Deckard Cain’s conversations.

Spare Change: Pick up 50,000 gold.

Friends With Benefits: Fully equip one of your followers.

Socket To Me: Socket a gem in an item.

Mighty And Magical:  Reach Level 20.

In The Mountains: Explore the following areas of the Highlands

Wortham, Worthan Chapel Cellar, Wortham Bluffs, Caverns of Araneae, Chamber of Queen Araneae, Highlands Crossing, Southern Highlands, Karyna’ Lost Wagon, Northern Highlands, Leoric’s Hunting Grounds, Leoric’s Manor Courtyard, Leoric’s Manor

Bless You: Get the following benefits from shrines.

Blessed (Reduced Damage), Enlightened (Increased experience), Fortune (Increased chance to find gold), Frenzied (Attack speed increased)

The Takedown: Kill 10 champions of the following types.

There is a long list of blue monsters that qualify for this achievement.  I’m just going to list the ones that I happened to kill.

Carrion Bat, Savage Fiend, Skeletal Archer, Spiderling, Dark Berserker, Dark Hellion, Unholy Thrall, Disentombed Hulk, Hungry Corpse, Ravenous Dead,

Bone Saw: Kill 1,000 Skeletons in Act I in the Season.

Spike The Banner: Get 300 Season Achievement Points in Season 1.

Taking Notes: Read the following Quest lore books in Act I

Report from Wortham, Command from Cultist Grand Inquisitor, Reply from Cultist Grand Inquisitor, A Page From Lazarus’s Grimoire, Orders from Maghda, Villager’s Journal, A Summoner’s Journal

There Will Definitely Be Blood: Explore the following areas of the Halls of Agony.

Halls of Agony Level 1, Halls of Agony Level 2, Highlands Passage, The Cursed Hold, Halls of Agony Level 3, Chamber of Suffering

Butchered!: Kill The Butcher

Beastmaster of Tristram: Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act 1.

Beast, Dark Berserker, Carrion Bat, Carrion Nest, Imp, Dark Cultist, Ghost, Ghoul, Grotesque, Hellion, Khazra Shaman, Quill Fiend, Scavenger, Skeleton, Spiderling, Spider, Treasure Goblin, Unburied, Dark Vessel, Withermoth, Wood Wraith, Risen Dead, Butcher, The Spider Queen, Wretched Mother

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