This blog is part of the series I am doing about my progress through Season 1 of Diablo III.  I started this Season with a brand new Barbarian named Gurr.  There are some Leaderboards in the game, but I didn’t honestly expect to be on any of them.

Instead, I am using the blogs I make about Season 1 as my way of showing what I accomplished.  If I end up doing another Season, it will be these blogs I compare my progress to.

Previously, I made a blog about Gurr the Barbarian’s experience through Act III in Story Mode (Normal Difficulty).  I showed the Legendary loot he found, the levels he earned, and the monsters he fought.  In this one, I’m going to focus on the Achievements he earned during his first trip through Act III.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 4, 2014, and September 5, 2014.

The Black Soulstone: Complete all quests in Act II.

Shadows in the Desert, The Road to Alcarnus, City of Blood, A Royal Audience, Unexpected Allies, Betrayer of the Horadrim, Blood and Sand, The Black Soulstone, The Scouring of Caldeum, Lord of Lies

Waiting for Reinforcements: Complete the Waiting for Reinforcements event.

Made it Work: Equip your head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet, and hands with items dyed in all different colors.

No Man Left Behind: Keep all soldiers alive while raising the catapults on the Stonefort.

More Than Stories: Listen to all of Leah’s conversations.

Life with Cain (Act I), Tristram (Act 1), Adria (Act 1), Leah’s Childhood (Act 1), Adria’s Death (Act I), About the Temple (Act I), Leah’s Power (Act I), About Adria (Act II), Remembering Deckard (Act II), About Zoltun Kulle (Act II), The Archives (Act II), Concern (Act III), Hopes, (Act III), Dreams (Act III)

Just A Hobby: Raise the Jeweler to level 10.

The Exalted Few: Complete the artisan level achievements listed below.

A Life with Meaning, Just a Hobby

Takes A Lickin’: Get licked by 5 different Soul Rippers, Soul Lashers, or Soul Devourers at once.

Forged In Battle: Complete the Forged in Battle event.

Knock Knock: Get Demonic Tremors to burst through 5 different doorways without leaving the same level of the Keep Depths.

Historian of Arreat: Read the following World lore books in Act III

Fall of the Barbarians Part 1, Fall of the Barbarians Part 2, Fall of the Barbarians Part 3, Fall of the Barbarians Part 4, Fall of the Barbarians Part 5, The History of Bastion’s Keep

The Ravening Beast: Kill Ghom

Keep It Safe: Explore the following areas below Bastion’s Keep.

The Keep Depths Level 1, The Keep Depths Level 2, The Breach, The Keep Depths Level 3, The Larder

Bewitched: Listen to all of Adria’s Conversations.

The Price of Victory (Act II), The Mad Wizard (Act II), Tyrael’s Warning (Act II), Leah’s Birth (Act II),  Adria and Cain (Act II), Motives (Act II), Adria’s Capture (Act II), Belial and the Soulstone (Act II), Adria’s Quest (Act II), Ensnaring Belial (Act II), Magic (Act II), Your Daughter (Act II), Azmodan (Act III), Suffering (Act III), The War’s End (Act III)

Bejeweled: Combine gems.

Made To Order: Craft 5 items.

A Fistful of Gems: Combine each of the following gem types.

Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz

O’er The Ramparts We Watched: Explore the following areas on the walls of Bastion’s Keep.

The Armory, Bastion’s Keep Stronghold, Skycrown Battlements, Stonefort, The Arreat Gate, Bastion’s Keep Watchtower

The Elitist: Kill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

A Smash Hit: Destroy Azmodan’s war machines.

Crazy Climber: Complete the Crazy Climber event.

Slaughter Fields Five: Explore the following areas within the Fields of Slaughter.

Edge of the Abyss, Rakkis Crossing, Fields of Slaughter, The Bridge of Korsikk, The Battlefields

Making A Breakthrough: Kill the Siegebreaker Assault Beast.

Demonbane: Kill 1,000 Demons in Act III in the Season.

Reclaim Without Shame: Salvage the following types of items.

Weapon, Armor, Amulet, Ring

Fearless Veteran: Reach level 40.

A Question of Lust: Kill Cydaea.

The Mouth of Hell: Explore the following areas in Arreat Crater.

Arreat Crater Level 1, Tower of the Damned Level 1, Tower of the Damned Level 2, Heart of the Damned, Arreat Crater Level 2, Tower of the Cursed Level 1, Tower of the Cursed Level 2, Heart of the Cursed, The Core of Arreat, Heart of Sin

The Lord of Sin: Kill Amodan.

The Wages of Sin: Complete all quests in Act III.

The Siege of Bastion’s Keep, Turning the Tide, The Breached Keep, Tremors in the Stone, Machines of War, Siegebreaker, Heart of Sin

That’s a lot of Achievements!  This completes Gurr the Barbarian’s adventure through Act III of Story Mode on Normal Difficulty.  The next blog in this series will be about Gurr’s second time through Act III.  He went back to help out his buddy, Qiz the Monk.

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