This blog is part of the series I’ve been putting together about my progress through Season 1 of Diablo III.  My main goals were: to hit Level 70, to get through all of the story content, and to get as many achievements as possible.  As such, it seemed to me that the best way to organize these blogs was Act by Act.

The previous blogs showed the progress of Gurr the Barbarian as he went through Act III (on Normal difficultly) for the first time.  He kept moving forward, but took time out to go back to Act III and help out his buddy, Qiz the Monk.  (It is pronounced “Cheese”).  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 20, 2014, and September 21, 2014.

There goes Gurr the Barbarian and Qiz the Monk through Act III.  The small goblin with them belongs to Gurr, thanks to a Puzzle Ring.

This was Gurr the Barbarian’s second trip through Act III.  This time, Ghom dropped Legendary shoulders.  They are called Death Watch Mantle.  Their flavor text says: These vicious pads draw their power from the very life force of your enemies.

Primary: +119 Strength, +109 Vitality, Reduces cool down of all skills by 5.0%, increases Revenge Damage by 12% (Barbarian Only).
Secondary: +24% Lightning Resistance, 24% chance to explode into a fan of knives for 200% weapon damage when hit.

This wasn’t an upgrade for Gurr the Barbarian.  I think I gave the shoulders to Shawn, but can’t remember if they were an upgrade for Qiz or not.  In the non-season Diablo III, I have a pair of these shoulders.  My Wizard was using them for a while, until he outgrew them.  The fan of knives feature is really fun!

Somewhere on The Battlefields, “Plan: Pendergrasps” dropped.  It is a Legendary plan that you teach the Blacksmith.  The text reads: Teaches the Blacksmith how to forge Legendary Gloves.

The Slave Bonds dropped somewhere in the Fortified Bunker.  Its flavor text says: Broken chains still dangle from these heavy iron shackles.

Primary: Holy skills deal 6% more damage, +113 Strength, +127 Vitality, Regenerates 176 Life per Second, +11% Movement Speed.
Secondary: +289 Life after Each Kill

There were only a few noteworthy monsters this time.

The first one, whose name you cannot see, is Turrask the Greedy.  Not to be confused with Turrask the Mangler, who appeared later.

I didn’t expect I’d pick up any new achievements from Act III, but did manage to get a few.  Some went by so fast that I didn’t get the screenshot of them popping up.

Waiting for Reinforcements (Cooperative): Complete the Waiting for Reinforcements event in a cooperative game.

Sheer Lunacy: Kill 100 Fallen Lunatics before they can explode.

Double Stuffed: Kill Ghom in a cooperative game.

Cursebreaker of Arreat: Complete the following Cursed Chest events in Act III.

The Cursed Garrison, The Cursed Caldera, The Cursed Glacier, The Cursed Depths

Metalworking: Teach the Blacksmith 25 recipes.

This concludes the adventures of Gurr the Barbarian and Qiz the Monk through Act III in Story Mode (Normal Difficulty).  The next blogs in the series will review Gurr’s adventure through Act IV.

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