The Daisy Mae’s Pickin’ Patch started on April 30, 2020. Either way, the purpose of this event is to grow vegetables and earn garden-related prizes for doing so.

The event ended on May 11, 2020. In this blog post, I have a collection of the best screenshots I took of this event.

Daisy Mae: “Why hullo there! I’m Daisy Mae!”

My first reaction upon meeting Daisy Mae was, “Oh no!” I could not help but notice the turnips that she was carrying on her head. Some of my friends are playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, and I’d seen them discuss, and lament, the turnip situation over there.

I was not interested in participating in what I think of as “the Turnip Stock Market.”

Fortunately, all Daisy Mae wanted was for me to start growing vegetables in my garden. That didn’t sound bad at all! No turnips were involved in this event.

Daisy Mae: Can’t forget that vegetables soakin’ up all that sunshine taste absolutely delightful too!

Daisy Mae: I’ve got a craving for ’em and came here to let y’all know just how tasty these greens are!

Daisy Mae: Turnin’ this campsite into a veggie patch, chowin’ down, surrounded by all these colorful veggies…

Daisy Mae: Just thinkin’ about it makes me all warm inside! Anywho, would you be willin’ to help me out?

Players don’t really get much of a choice about whether or not they are willing to help out Daisy Mae. I suppose if a player really didn’t want to participate, all they would have to do is avoid the garden until the event was over.

That said, players are kind of stuck listening to Daisy Mae until she is done trying to convince you to plant vegetables in your garden.

Daisy Mae: A-heeheehee… Sure am glad to hear it!

Daisy Mae: Oh, and I heard this rumor…

Daisy Mae: Certain critters known as seedwings have the power to make veggies taste oh-so-yummy!

Daisy Mae: Your garden really is somethin’, I’ll say. If you plant some veggies, I bet those seedwings would fly on over.

Daisy Mae: I think everybody at this campsite deserves to try something crisp and delicious!

Daisy Mae: So go ahead and catch tons of those seedwings!

Daisy Mae: Oh! By the way, do you know how to catch seedwings?

Daisy Mae: Looks like Lloid in the garden can help ya out. Let’s head on over!

This completes the “tutorial” by Daisy Mae. She hands the player off to Lloyd, who is always in the player’s garden.

Lloid: All right. Bear with me for just a moment – this requires all of my focus!

If I remember correctly, Lloyd focuses on catching the seedwings that are flitting around some vegetable plants that are in the player’s garden. He does this for free during the tutorial. I think it costs some kind of in-game currency to have him do this again.

Daisy Mae: Delightful job catchin’ them. Now this is all yours!

Just like that, the player has completed an event task. The task requires the player to catch one Lilac seedwing. Having Lloid “help” (by catching it for you) is fine!

The reward is a package of farmer’s eggplant seeds. There are five seeds in the package.

The player is then asked to share one or more seedlings with another player. I’m assuming that players who have friends that also play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp would share with them.

Or, if you’re like me and have no friends connected to this game, then you can share with whatever random player has visited your garden.

Daisy Mae: Great job sharin’! I’m sure your friends are gonna be super happy.

Daisy Mae: Seedwings don’t have to stay on veggies, so feel free to share away.The screenshot above shows what the eggplants and peppers look like when they are fully grown. Two of the ones in the front row have Lilac seedwings fluttering around them.

One of the cool things about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is that players receive rewards for sharing event-related creatures with other players.

This time, I got a package of farmer’s pepper seeds. There are five seeds in the package.

It’s time to get serious about gardening!

The reward for completing Task 1-1: Catch 1 Lilac seedwing is a veggie-patch apron. As you can see in the screenshot above, the apron comes with a long-sleeved white shirt. Together, they look like a dress.

This dress has pockets!

I caught an Orange seedwing!

I decided to pair the veggie-patch apron with the alpinist hat (that I crafted previous to when this event started).

I caught a Lilac seedwing

It is possible to complete more than one task at a time. The player can catch a mixture of Lilac and Orange seedwings. The garden-related goals have tasks where the player has to catch a certain number of each – and then do it again (but with the target number increased).

These rewards are for completing two different tasks.

  • Task 1-2: Catch 3 Lilac seedwings
  • Task 2-1: Catch 1 Orange seedwings

Some of the rewards players can earn for completing tasks are different kinds of essences. They look like little potions. I didn’t take screenshots of those because they aren’t very interesting to look at.

Other rewards I collected during this event include:

garden carrot patch

garden cabbage patch

Quests that went along with the Daisy Mae’s Pickin’ Patch event required players to collect an item called a dewdrop leaf. Some could be obtained by completing event tasks.

Players who collect four dewdrop leaves earn an olive-wreath crown.

The olive-wreath crown matched nicely with the veggie-patch apron.

The tasks were broken up based on what type of seedling the player needed to collect: Lilac seedwing, Orange seedwing, Silver seedwing, Gold seedwing.

The Silver and Gold seedwings preferred the farmer’s tomato plants.

I caught a Silver seedwing.

I caught a Gold seedwing.

garden log bench

garden cucumber plants

garden-patch scarecrow

garden-patch canal

beige harvest crate

tiled-garden-patch rug

Daisy Mae: Whoa! You did it all! I can barely believe my eyes!

Daisy Mae: Thanks to you, everyone got to eat yummy veggies together! Food tastes so much better with friends!

Daisy Mae: Alrighty, Jen! Let’s grab some grub!

All tasks complete!

Daisy Mae: Everybody at the campsite seems to be enjoyin’ the food. Oh, that just warms my li’l heart!

Daisy Mae: Oh yeah! You’re so good at catchin’ seedwings, I’ve got more stuff for you to do.

Players who complete the first set of tasks are given the opportunity to work on Hard Tasks. These tasks involve catching more seedwings.

pot of minestrone soup

The pot of minestrone soup is huge!

giant garden turnip

The giant garden turnip is also huge!

In the screenshot above, Eugene is trying to pull the giant turnip.

brown harvest crate

I put many of the event items into my campsite. They are part of the garden event – but it is not actually possible to place them into the garden itself.

The Happy Homeroom had three classes that featured items from the Farm-Fresh Veggie Patch category. Everything players needed for the classes could be earned through the Daisy Mae’s Pickin’ Patch event.

I completed the Crisp Veggie Patch 1 Happy Homeroom class.

I earned three medals on the Crisp Veggie Patch 1 Happy Homeroom class.

HH Rank Up!

I now have HH Star rank.

I earned a studious HHA jacket.

I completed the Crisp Veggie Patch 2 Happy Homeroom 2 Class.

HH Rank Up!

I am now Amateur Rank 2.

I can now craft a golden closet.

I can now craft a golden table.

I can now craft a golden chair.

Daisy Mae: Well, Jen. Looks like it’s about time for me to head back home to gram-gram.

I was unable to complete everything in this event, but it was fun anyway.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Daisy Mae’s Pickin’ Patch is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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