The melody buttons are in sets of four. An eagle friend stands on one of them.

The Harmony Scavenger Hunt started on June 21, 2020. It was connected to Lottie’s Wedding Expo and the Fishing Tourney (Wedding) events. The Harmony Scavenger Hunt ended on June 28, 2020.

A box shows the items that players could craft if they had enough bells and bebop gyroidites.

When the Harmony Scavenger Hunt started, the game gave the players a look at what kinds of items they would be able to obtain by participating in the Scavenger Hunt.

My pocket camp character is wearing a dress with a sweater and carrying a fishing pole. Behind her is a camper with the colors of the nonbinary flag. Two gold gyoridites are nearby.

Here is a close up look at what the bebop gyoridites for this scavenger hunt look like. Each scavenger hunt includes a unique type of gyoridites. Players get to keep the ones that they did not use up by the end of the event. Players must collect a specific number of them for each of the items they want to craft.

A small camper is stopped on a path. Below it are goals for the player to accomplish by picking bebop gyroidites.

There are quests that the player can complete simply by picking up a certain number of bebop gyroidites. Doing so gives the player a wedding bells item, which is required in order to complete a different set of quests.

Here are the items I obtained by collecting bebop gyroidites and crafting items:

A red musical note on a stick is over a red button.

do melody button

A yellow musical note on a stick is over a yellow button.

re melody button

A green musical note hovers over a green button.

mi melody button

fa melody button

An aqua colored musical note is over a aqua colored button

so melody button

A purple musical note is over a purple button.

la melody button

ti melody button

high do melody button

Four of the melody buttons at my campsite. The chicken friends are standing on two of them and holding hands.

I started putting the melody buttons into my campsite, as I crafted them. To my surprise, two of the animal friends in my campsite decided to stand on them while holding hands.

The melody buttons are in two groups of four. An eagle friend stands on one of them.

I eventually put all of the melody buttons into my campsite. In this screenshot, one animal friend is standing on the first melody button. It was fun to return see what animal friends were standing on the buttons every time I returned to my campsite.

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