Jingle’s Floral Festivities required players to earn Poinsettia Ornaments by completing specific tasks during the event. To me, the biggest prize was a camper “skin” that had Christmas lights and a pile of presents on top of it.

The screenshots in this blog post were taken in December 2020.

The first thing I did was have Mabel from Able Sisters make me a red sweater dress. It looked like it would be really comfortable, and I love that you can see the knitting on the dress.

The red sweater dress is part of the Toy Day Clothing collection.

Here is my Pocket Camp character wearing the red sweater dress.

My Pocket Camp character is about to eat a Fortune Cookie called Egbert’s cozy cookie. It’s always a good sign when your character starts singing before eating the cookie!

cozy cardigan

There were Season’s Greetings Gift that players obtained by logging in to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. One of the rewards was an Egbert’s cozy cookie.

What is inside this Fortune Cookie?

cozy-lodge knickknacks

There was a brief fishing event that was not connected to a Fishing Tourney. It was called Diving Light Goals. Players needed to catch a certain number of comb jelly and a certain number of northern comb jelly. They glow!

Players that completed all the goals in the Diving Light quests received an Egbert’s cozy cookie.

cozy-lodge lamp

Jingle’s Floral Festivities required players to collect festive gyroidites. There were two ways to do it. Players could go to different locations in the game and hunt for the festive gyroidites. Or, they could go to their campsite where some of their animal friends would give the player a gift of some festive gyroidites.

Each of the Toy Day Party items was part of a scavenger hunt. Players scavenged for the right amount of festive gyroidites, and then used them to craft the required items. Each one the player finished crafting gave them some poinsettia ornaments, which were used to finish quests.

Labelle of Able Sisters crafted Toy Day party hat B for me. It was one of the items in the scavenger hunt.

I gave Bluebear Toy Day party hat B to wear.

Labelle of Able Sisters crafted Toy Day party hat A for me. It was also one of the items in the scavenger hunt.

I gave Goldie the Toy Day party hat A to wear.

Mabel of Able Sisters crafted the festive dress for me. It is not part of the items in the scavenger hunt.

I gave Rosie the festive dress. She is one of the animal friends who frequently wants me to pick out a new outfit for her.

The festive dress is not part of the reissued Holiday 2017 items. I don’t remember what collection it belongs in.

Cyrus crafted the festive chair for me. It is part of the Toy Day Party scavenger hunt items.

The Merrymaking at Home class is one that involves a reindeer named Erik. This series of classes are about celebrating the holidays at home. In the real world, people were warned not to travel during the winter holidays, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The recommended items for the Merrymaking at Home class are: Toy Day party hat A, festive chair, festive dress.

Here is the start of the Merrymaking at Home class.

I finished the Merrymaking at Home class!

Merrymaking at Home class – success!

Another way to gather festive gyrodites is to visit Shovelstrike Quarry. If you go by yourself, it costs 20 Leaf Tickets. There is a way to go with five friends, but I’ve never tried that. I went to Shovelstrike Quarry twice during the 2020 holiday quests, and got a little over 30 festive gyroidites each time.

Cyrus crafted the festive table for me. It is part of the Toy Day scavenger hunt items.

I hit Level 70 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

I completed enough of the Jingle’s Floral Festivities to earn the Toy Day travel camper. Normally, I wouldn’t be at all interested in this. Something about being under “stay at home” orders – again – made me more open to ridiculously decorated holiday stuff in video games.

Jingle: Thanks to you and all of your hard work, I’ve collected sooo many ornaments. It makes me so happy!

Jingle: Let’s get everything decked out with lights, and finally start the Toy Day celebrations!

Goal complete!

Jingle: Did you have fun at the party? It’s always so nice gathering with friends around Toy Day, isn’t it?

Jingle: But the event isn’t over yet! You’ve still got time to enjoy the festivities!

When the holiday quests started, I decided to design my camper with blue and white colors that reminded me of ice and show. Now, I had the opportunity to turn my camper into the Toy Day travel camper.

The Toy Day travel camper is red, with red and green plaid trim. It has a ring of Christmas lights, embedded in what looks like pine branches, going around the top. The sides have wreaths with colored Christmas lights in them. The top of the camper has a pile of wrapped presents that are sitting on a platform that has a railing around it.

Here is my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp character standing in front of the newly decorated Toy Day travel camper.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp sent everyone a Toy Day gift. It is a small gold tree with white ornaments on it. The tree is in a little pot. The small tree is not so easy to spot in my campsite, but you can see what it looks like in the image above.

Cyrus crafted the stocking-stuffer lamp for me. It is part of the Toy Day scavenger hunt items.

Cyrus crafted the Toy Day sweets for me. It is part of the Toy Day scavenger hunt items. There is a chocolate Yule log, a white layer cake with tree decorations on it, and a group of decorated cupcakes guarded by gingerbread people.

I hit Level 71 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

Cyrus crafted the Toy Day hors d’ oeuvres for me. It was part of the Toy Day scavenger hunt items. There are trays of little sandwiches (with the crusts cut off) that are held together by fancy toothpicks. There are star shaped pizzas. There is a bowl that might be mac ‘n’ cheese with star shaped meat in it, decorated by a green and red Christmas tree.

Merrymaking at Home 2 required some of the Toy Day scavenger hunt items that I had collected.

It included the Toy Day party hat B, festive chair, festive table, Toy Day hors d’oeuvers, cypress plant, and more.

Merrymaking at Home 2 takes place in a different room.

I finished the Merrymaking at Home 2 class!

Merrymaking at Home 2 – Success!

The Toy Day spread was the last item I needed to craft in order to complete the scavenger hunt. It required the player to collect 300 festive gyrodites. Each of the Toy Day Party items required a certain number of them – but the Toy Day spread required the most.

Once the player collects 300 festive gyrodites they must wait 24 hours – in real time – for the item to be crafted.

Cyrus crafted the Toy Day spread. I had now completed all of the quests that went along with the Toy Day scavenger hunt.

The Toy Day spread includes: a gingerbread house; a tree-shaped tiered tray that has cupcakes, cookies, and chocolates; thick slices of ham, a veggie plate with some kind of dip in the center; a plate with some bread-like pastries; and a small tray of decorated cookies.

Immediately after the Toy Day spread was completed, the game let me know that I had enough items to do will in the Merrymaking at Home 3 class.

I was missing the festive screen. It cost 100 Leaf Tickets. I didn’t have enough, and did not want to use real-world money to buy more.

Merrymaking at Home 3 takes place in what looks like a fancy restaurant. Maybe it is a catered event that takes place in a mansion.

I finished the Merrymaking at Home 3 class!

Merrymaking at Home 3 class – success!

I put all the food related holiday items together and made a buffet for the animal friends that are at my campsite.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Jingle’s Floral Festivities is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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