One of the clothing options in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a white doctor’s mask. I’ve been playing this game daily since the COVID-19 “stay at home” order in my state began. The mask seemed like an appropriate thing to wear in-game.

To my surprise, many other players started wearing masks as well.

The doctor’s mask is an item that players can craft. It comes from Labelle, who is one of the Able Sisters. I just happened to find it at the right time.

I started taking screenshots of my character, standing next to other players who were also wearing doctor’s masks. I don’t know who any of these players are, and only interacted with them to check their Market Boxes or to visit their Camp and give kudos.

Here are some of the other players I found who were also wearing masks:

There is no way to ask another player for permission to take a screenshot with them in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. That said, I feel like the limited ability to design what your character looks like keeps things anonymous.

This player is wearing the same corded sakura hairpin as I am.

This player is wearing a very fancy dress that they paired with wings.

This player is wearing a dress from a collection that, at the time I am writing this blog post, will not be available for very much longer.

This player has decorated their camper with colorful paint splotches.

This player has is wearing a really cool looking knit hat.

This player is wearing an outfit that would probably be acceptable to wear in an office environment.

This player is wearing a halo.

This player is also wearing a halo.

This player is wearing a straw hat.

This player is wearing light pink clothing.

The one thing all of these players have in common with me is that we all chose to wear the doctor’s mask in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising, considering that we are playing the game during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My perception of the sudden popularity of the doctor’s mask in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is that it is a sign of solidarity. It is a way of letting people who are under “stay at home” orders, and/or who are required (or strongly suggested) to wear masks outside, know that they are not alone.

I think that is a very sweet message to send in a time of isolation.


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