There are days when Shawn and I don’t have a whole lot of time to play Diablo III together, but still want to play. If you only have an hour – then an hour will have to do!

When we started, my Demon Hunter, ThirtySeven, and his Barbarian, Smashez, were in Act III of Normal difficulty. Each was at level 28. Not much progress happened in the hour that we played this time, but every little bit helps!

Evil Eye Filthpit

Swift Skull Cleaver

Azmodan’s big giant head comes to taunt the heroes.

Azmodan: You’re too late! My servant is already inside your walls, and his hunger is ravenous. He will devour your corpse and those of your friends.

What’s around the corner? A blue pack of Soul Rippers, that’s what.

Ding! ThirtySeven is now level 29!

I’m fairly certain that somewhere in that hour of play time, Smashez also hit level 29 (but I don’t have a screenshot of it). The hour’s worth of game time was put to good use.

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