Photo of the front of the Supreme Court by Clare Anderson on Unsplash
Photo of Supreme Court by Clare Anderson on Unsplash

I wrote this poem in 2014, in response to a decision made by the Supreme Court. The majority of the Court struck down the buffer zone around clinics in Massachusetts that provide abortion. The decision was issued from inside the Supreme Court’s buffer zone.

Because of the Supreme Court…

So called “sidewalk counselors”

Can harass women who want to enter a clinic.

They can walk right up to women

Who are on their way to see a doctor

And try to hand them “literature”

That is filled with lies and misinformation

They can claim they are providing “counseling”

Even though they don’t have a degree

In psychology or social work

And despite the fact that no one

Who comes to the clinic

Has asked for their “help”

Because of the Supreme Court…

People who enjoy carrying signs

With images of bloody fetuses

And screaming at the top of their lungs

At women

In an attempt to shame them

For the decision they have carefully and thoughtfully made

In an attempt to terrify them so badly

That they are afraid to come to the clinic

To get the health care they need

In an attempt to make it even harder

For women to access a medical procedure

That the Supreme Court itself

Decided it was legal decades ago

Can go ahead and use

Their so-called “freedom of speech”

Which they think means

“freedom to harass and terrorize women”

To prevent women from their own right

To access health care

Because of the Supreme Court…

The “buffer-zone” that protected women

Who need to go to a clinic

And the staff and doctors

Who work in a clinic

And the clinic escorts

That bravely wade through the protestors

In order to help women

Access the clinic

Are no longer protected

From the people who want to repeat history

By bringing their guns

And shooting at people

Who are at the clinic

Because of the Supreme Court…

People who think that

The way to provide “counseling”

Is to yell

“Don’t kill your baby!”

Is to invade a woman’s personal space

Is to stand in front of cars

That are trying to enter the clinic’s parking lot

Is to block the door of the clinic

With their bodies

Have absolutely nothing

Legally stopping them

From behaving in

An ungodly manner

While believing their despicable

words and actions

Are what their god desires

Because of the Supreme Court…

People who have nothing

But hate in their hearts

And a deep desire

To control the lives of complete strangers

Can harass women

Who have miscarried

Or whose babies are stillborn

Because of the Supreme Court…

Women across the United States

Will worry about

Having to push through protestors

In order to see a doctor

About birth control, Pap tests, and cancer screenings

Because of the Supreme Court…

Women seeking birth control

Will consider ones

That last for three or more years

Attempting to lessen the danger

Of multiple trips to a clinic

Because of the Supreme Court…

It is now that much more dangerous

To be a woman in the United States

And for women

To make their own decisions

Regarding their bodies, their health, their lives

Because the Supreme Court…

Made and announced their decision

From safely inside a courthouse

That is protected

By a “buffer zone”

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