This is Blaze. I got him from a Menagerist Goblin during Season 8. The flavor text for this pet says: A brave cavalryman who made a horrific pact with one of the prime evils to save the life of his father, Blaze will never die, so long as evil stalks the land.

The Menagerist Goblin is the only type of Goblin that drops pets. They also drop some random loot. There is no way to know what pet a Menagerist Goblin will drop until after you kill him.

Blaze automatically went into my bag, just like all the other loot a player can pick up. His item is the one that looks like a flaming skull. The flavor text for the Blaze item says: Someone appears to have set this skull on fire.

Right click on a pet item, and that pet automatically goes into your Wardrobe. You can find your new pet in the tab called “Pets”. You can equip any pet that you have obtained (but only one at a time).

Blaze is engulfed in flames, which makes him easy to spot (even though he is not a very large pet). Blaze will pick up gold for you, just like other pets do.

We don’t get a lot of details about Blaze, but there is enough to piece together his story. We can assume that Blaze is not the name that his parents gave him when he was born. He probably started out with a normal name for a person who lives in Sanctuary.

He was a cavalryman, which means that he was part of a militia or army, and that he rode into battle on horseback. There’s no way to know for certain exactly how old he was when he joined, but it is reasonable to assume that he was relatively young. He wasn’t a captain, either because he wasn’t yet old enough to hold that title, or due to lack of experience.

One day, this unfortunate cavalryman learns that one of the prime evils wants to kill his father. The specific prime evil might have been Mephisto, Baal, or Diablo. We know it isn’t the Prime Evil (all seven Great Evils in one being) because of the wording in the Blaze flavor text. It says “one of the prime evils”.  It doesn’t say “the Prime Evil”.

The cavalryman bravely makes a pact with the prime evil (whichever one it was) in exchange for the release of his father. The cavalryman saves his father’s life – but condemns himself.

The prime evil made the cavalryman immortal – then destroyed the majority of his body and set his skull on fire. Whatever the cavalryman’s name originally was has been forgotten, he has become Blaze. As if this weren’t bad enough, the prime evil did something that would force Blaze to be unable to die “as long as evil stalks the land.”

We don’t know for certain how long ago the pact between the cavalryman and the prime evil took place. It seems like Blaze is going to be stuck as a floating, flaming, skull for a very long time.  There seems to be no end to the evil stalking the land of Sanctuary.

Blaze appears to have a shocked and horrified expression.  It’s easy to see why, considering what happened to him.

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