A large red and dark green plant opes up a flower that could be a large mouth with teeth. The flower has green leaves, and two appendages that have small mouths at the end - with sharp teeth.

This is Blood Rose. I got it by logging in to Diablo III during the launch of Diablo Immortal. It was offered along with the Sanguine Flight Wings.

The flavor text for the Blood Rose pet says: Painting the roses red has never been so easy.

The phrase “painting the roses red” comes from song in Disney’s 1951 animated feature film Alice in Wonderland. Alice enters the garden and finds three of the Queen of Heart’s soldiers – each of whom are playing cards. They sing a song about painting the roses red.

When Alice asks why they are painting the white roses red, they explain that they planted white roses by mistake, and the Queen likes red roses. The card-soldiers now must paint the white roses red so the Queen sees them as red roses. Failure to do this would result in the card-soldiers losing their heads.

It is a rather macabre song for a characters to sing in a movie intended for children.

Blood Rose is a somewhat sentient plant that feeds on blood. As you play through Diablo Immortal, your character is sent on a quest where the Blood Roses are located. These toothed-flowers are large, and some of them can swallow up people and drain them dry.

“Painting the roses red has never been so easy.”

The Blood Rose flowers are connected with The Countess and her minions (for lack of a better term). You can find them in the Dark Wood in the Diablo Immortal game.

A Monk is wearing mostly red armor and large, blood red, wings. Next to her is an exceptionally large Blood Rose flower - with two budding flowers growing from it. The Blood Rose flower, and the buds, have teeth!

The Blood Rose came paired with the Sanguine Flight Wings. It just so happened that my Monk was wearing a lot of red armor shortly before these items were added to Diablo III. The screenshot above shows you how large the Blood Rose is.

A rectangular box has a close up image of the Blood Rose. The box says "Diablo Immortalized" and "Logged in during a moment Immortalized in time." It is an Achievement.

Those who obtained the Sanguine Flight Wings and Blood Rose earned an Achievement.

Diablo Immortalized: Logged in during a moment Immortalized in time.

The Blood Rose is one of my favorite pets in the game. There is so much detail in them! K. LeCrone was the creator of the Sanguine Flight Wings and the Blood Rose pet.


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