This is Bones. I got him because I have the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition. The flavor text for this pet says: Please don’t feed the skeleton.

Those who got the Reaper of Soul’s Collector’s Edition had two items in their in-game mail.

Our heartfelt thanks to you for purchasing the Collector’s Edition of Reaper of Souls! Please accept this unique pet and these exotic transmogrifications as a token of our appreciation. Bear your unique weapons and armor with pride, and remember – no one can stop Death!

Arma Mortis – Legendary Transmogrify Plan

Provides transmogrification plans for death-themed armaments.

For centuries, this tome of weapon schematics was locked away, the items it depicted deemed by its author as too dangerous to ever see the light of day. During the confusion after the reaper invasion of Westmarch, however, the Armis Mortem somehow made its way into your hands.

The bottom part of the box says: Take this transmog recipe to the Mystic and [Click Right Mouse Button emoji] to teach it to her.

One of the items was the Liber Canus Mortui. Those words are Latin, and (according to Google Translate) translates to: Free dog dead.

Arma Haereticorum – Legendary Transmogrify Plan

Provides transmogrification plans for unique helms assigned to the infernal, the angelic, and the dead.

Liber Canus Mortui: Summons a spectral hound.

When first practicing the Art of Rathma, it pays to start small. Trust me on this.” – Methan the Necromancer

Here is Bones, standing next to Zena the Barbarian.

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