Episode 20 of Candy Crush Saga is called Candy Clouds.It features a Giant who has fallen from his castle in the Candy Clouds. He hit the ground and was knocked out.

The little girl, Tiffi, asks the Giant what happened. He needs her help to get back to his castle. The only part of the Giant that we can see is his feet and part of his legs. This works for the story line, but seems odd later on when the disembodied feet and legs are added to the game board.

I worked my way through Episode 20 in January of 2017. Shortly after completing this episode, I took a break from Candy Crush for a while. The shortest explanation as to why is: life got busy and stressful.

At the start of Episode 20, we see the gigantic feet of a Giant who fell out of his castle in the clouds and ended up knocking himself out. The star and the curly circles are cartoon symbols for “out cold”.

Tiffi:  Mr. Giant! What happened?

Mr. Giant: I fell from my castle and now I can’t get back.

Mr. Giant:  I can help you to get home!

I was playing through Episode 20 right around the time when the United States was in a state of transition. President Barack Obama was transitioning out of the White House, and President-elect Trump was getting ready to transition into it.  This situation brought me, and a lot of other people, a great deal of anxiety.

Candy Crush Saga provided a nice break from reality at a time when I was very disillusioned about things that were happening in the real world. Here’s a game where a tiny girl is going to help a big giant get back to his castle in the sky, over a land made primarily of candy. Sure! Why not?

I completed Episode 20 on January 20, 2017.

I got 3 stars in all but two levels of Candy Clouds. This screenshot was taken after I went back to earn additional stars after something unexpected happened. The board shows the disembodied feet and legs of the Giant, next to a red vine that points at his castle. It looks odd, but makes sense after you see how the story ended.

Tiffi got a shovel. Or, maybe its a garden trowel.

Tiffi digs a hole.

Tiffi plants some candy.

A big red vine grows up to the Giant’s castle. The Giant says: “How convenient!”

Up to this point, when I finished an Episode of Candy Crush, I got an award for having earned the most stars.  I figured that this was something all players got. Not so! This time, something unexpected happened. The award on the game board was given to another player.

The Sky Lord award had been earned by a player who was going by the name of Candyman. I had never seen that happen before! The game offered a helpful hint: “Collect at least 2 more stars to beat Candyman and become the champion of Candy Clouds.”. I decided it was worth a try.

I put in the effort until I earned two more stars. I became the Sky Lord.

I earned the Sky Lord award. The text says: You dethroned Candyman as champion of Candy Clouds.

I’m sure that someone will eventually come along and take away all of the Candy Crush awards from me. My guess is that the game does not notify players when that happens, so I might never know. At the time I was playing through Episode 20, small victories felt incredibly satisfying.

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