Episode 17 of Candy Crush Saga is called Chocolate Barn.  It features a cow who is depressed because she can’t make chocolate milk because “nothing is growing”.  The farm has plenty of green grass, but the cow needs something else.  Once again, the little girl solves the problem.

The story line for Episode 17 is among the strangest ones in Candy Crush Saga.  It is unclear if the cow is supposed to be a boy or a girl.  It sounds like the cow is actually the farmer of… other cows?  I just don’t know.

At the start of Episode 17, a Farmer Cow is sad.  There is a pile of empty bottles behind the cow.  The cow sadly moos.

Cow: Moo!

“Oh, what a nice farm!”

Cow: “Yes, but I can’t make chocolate milk!  Nothing’s growing…”

This is Level 236.  It is filled with eggs that could contain almost anything.  Most of them are good things that help players (like striped candies or wrapped candies).

Sometimes, the egg will reveal a block that gets in the way.  The worst case scenario is that the egg will reveal a block of chocolate that will spawn more until the player is able to remove all the chocolate. Level 236 was the most fun Level in Chocolate Barn.

I earned 3 stars in all but one level in Chocolate Barn.

I completed Episode 17 on November 16, 2016.

The solution to the Cow’s problem was really weird.

“Wait, I’ve got some magic cocoa beans in my bag!”

The magic cocoa beans cause chocolate to grow out of the ground.  A random cow runs up at eats the chocolate.

The bottles behind the cow are now filled with chocolate milk.

I earned the Farm Hero award.

This is what the Farm Hero award looks like in-game.  It says I got 44 episode stars.

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