Episode 6 of Candy Crush Saga is called Easter Bunny Hills.  It appears to be the Easter Episode of the game.  This episode, like the previous one, starts with a crying resident of Candy Crush Land.

I started playing the Easter Episode of Candy Crush Saga in February.  It was too early for Easter inspired portions of video games.  Then again, the Easter candy was already in the stores, so maybe the game matched up with reality after all.

Easter Bunny Hills starts out with the Easter Bunny crying because he was stuck in a puddle.  If I remember correctly, the puddle was melted chocolate.  After the player completes all of the levels in Easter Bunny Hills, the Easter Bunny is freed.

I was not able to earn 3 stars in every level of Easter Bunny Hills.  Level 76 was too challenging for me to get 3 stars in.

I completed Easter Bunny Hills on February 23, 2016.

I earned the Chief Egg Layer award.

Here is what the Chief Egg Layer award looks like in game.  I earned 42 episode stars.

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