Episode 15 of Candy Crush Saga is called Sweet Surprise.  It starts out with a gigantic, colorful, cake.  The little girl character stares at it and has a question mark over her head.  I spent the whole Episode wondering what was going to pop out of that cake.

The answer is revealed after a player completed every level in Episode 15.  The answer makes sense in a way, but also left me with many questions.

The cake is huge and decorated with green and pink candies, and cut out images of stars, circles, and wrapped candies.  The size of the cake indicates it is to be shared by many Candy Crush Saga characters.

I earned 3 stars in all but one level of Sweet Surprise.

I completed Episode 15 on September 23, 2016.

I earned the Party Queen award.

This is what the Party Queen award looks like in-game.  It says I got 44 episode stars.

After the player completes every level in Sweet Surprise, they get to see what happens with the cake.  It now has the number 200 sitting in the top of it.  This is odd because level 200 was at the very end of Episode 14.  Episode 15 ends with level 215.  I guess the main idea was that the Candy Crush Saga characters were celebrating 200 Levels.

The characters that surround the cake are ones that were featured in previous Episodes of Candy Crush Saga.  The little girl has helped all of them with their problems. Looking down from the top of the screenshot is Mr. Toffee, who might be the adoptive father of the little girl.  On the right hand side, all the way in the back, is a character from the Dreamworld portion of Candy Crush Saga.

Octopus: Get him!

The Bubble Gum Troll pops out of the cake. Why? I have no idea. The Octopus at the bottom of the screen says: “Get him!” I remember that the level with the Octopus involved a damaged submarine that the little girl fixed by using bubble gum to stop up the hole.  The Genie’s Peppermint Palace was damaged by the Bubblegum Troll, too.  I guess the Octopus wants revenge.

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