Season 13 was the very first time I attempted to complete any of the objectives in the Champion part of the Season Journey.  The experience was both exciting, and frustrating, at times. It required a lot of problem solving to figure out what I needed to do to get my Necromancer ready for Torment X.

This blog post contains the Twitch videos I recorded as I worked towards the halfway point of the Champion part of the Season Journey in Season 13.

One of the first Champion objectives I completed was the one that requires players to Master a Set Dungeon. I think I completed at least one Set Dungeon previous to Season 13.  This was the first time Mastered a Set Dungeon.

I Mastered the Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon. There are two Primary objectives: Rip bones from 100 enemies with Bone Armor, and Kill 200 enemies that are afflicted by a Bone Armor tornado.

There are three Completing Tiers. Basic: Complete one objective and kill 170 monsters within the time limit; Mastery: Complete both primary objectives and kill all monsters within the time limit. Target time: 5:00.

I decided to pick at the Champion objectives and worry about one at a time. I completed the objective that requires players to Master a Set Dungeon. I also completed the Conversion Incursion objective. Then, I started working on Greater Rifts for another objective, and completed Greater Rift 34.

The Blessed Priests: Complete 1 Primary Objective and kill the initial amount of enemies in the Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon.

Say Grace: Master the Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon by completing all objectives within the time limit.

I started Season 13 with my Banner decorated with Necromancer stuff. The Blessed Priests Achievement gives players the sigil.

This is what the Banner Sigil reward looks like.

Greater Rift Level 40 completed at 8:00:299

In the video above, I finally complete the Up and At Gem objective. I also got my best time in a Greater Rift 42.

Greater Rift Level 42 completed at 7:51:616

The Nothing But the Best objective requires players to spend gold by raising up their gems until they get enough of the right kind to make a Flawless Royal Gem. Keep putting money into the machine until it pops out what you want. It isn’t exciting to do, and it isn’t fun.

After that, I started working on Bounties in an effort to get my Necromancer enough Paragon points to play on Torment X.

I ran some Bounties in an effort to get more Paragon points. My hope was this would make my Necromancer strong enough to complete more of the Champion objectives. I also wanted to gather Crafting materials so I could get stuff out of my Stash and into Kanai’s Cube.

I start trying to empty my Seasonal Stash by putting as many items as I can into Kanai’s Cube. I’m a “digital hoarder”, and my non-season Stash is already full. I cannot possibly take everything back with me.

I begin working on organizing my Seasonal Stash. Hopefully, this will make it faster for me to find things that can be put into Kanai’s Cube. It should also make it easier for me to know what I already have so I stop putting multiple copies of items into my Stash.

This was the point where Torment 10 got extremely difficult for me. I am determined to complete Champion this season, so I kept trying.

I tried killing Urzael. Things did not go well. Urzael squashed me (over and over again).

I keep working on making my Necromancer stronger. Despite my best efforts, I was still sort of “stuck” between Torment 9 and Torment X.

I reached the point of frustration, and was convinced that Torment X hates me.

Champion was definitely a challenge for me.  This blog shows my experience as I worked toward the halfway point of Champion in Season 13. I wasn’t ready to give up yet!

Champion – Halfway There (Season 13) is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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  1. Hi Jen. It’s great that you are doing the lore corner again, I really like them. It’s good to hear you back on Shattered Soulstone also, I miss Nevik and the rest of the original gang from the podcast. I like the new guys also, but there’s nothing like an original :-). Please keep going on the podcast if your health permits. I suffer terribly with allergies also, it really stinks.

    I am about the same in the game as you I think. I am struggling with a demon hunter and am stuck in Champion. I have 2 more gems to level to 35, can’t master a set dungeon and can’t do a level 70 rift in under 6 minutes. But I’m working on it. I only play solo so it’s been a bit of a slog to get where I’m at, but it’s been fun. And why else play if it’s not fun eh? Anyway, take care, I hope you and your loved ones are well and happy gaming!


    1. Dan,
      Thank you for writing such a lovely comment! I appreciate it.

      I am happy to hear that you enjoy the Jen’s Lore Corner podcast. I like doing them, even though it can be very time consuming. I will be releasing one new episode every month.

      I’m intending to try and be on Shattered Soulstone as often as I can. Thank you for understanding that my health issues get in the way of that. Sorry to hear you suffer from allergies, too.

      And yes, it does appear we are stuck in the same place in Champion. The best advice I can give you is to keep trying. You might also try changing around variables, if possible. I’ve also found that getting more Paragon Points is helpful.

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