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The Darkening of Tristram – Royal Calf

The Royal Calf is a pet that can only be found during The Darkening of Tristram event. Players need to collect items and transmog an item before they can obtain this pet.

The flavor text on this pet says: This young creature has a regal air, as though he holds some special place within this herd. Who knows what they would do if he went missing…

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Diablo III, Diablo Pets 2 comments on Galthrak The Unhinged

Galthrak The Unhinged

This is Galthrak the Unhinged. I got this pet from a Menagerist Goblin in between Season 11 and Season 12.

The flavor text on Galthrak the Unhinged says: From the time he was a broodling, all he wanted was to be a Rift Guardian. He studied for many years, but was ultimately found wanting. Take him on a rift with you, and he’ll be happy.

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