The photo at the top of this blog is of the “Dandelion Monster”. It was growing out of a planter that held a rose bush and that was located in the neighbor’s space. Homes sit rather close together in this mobile home park, and what started out as a little dandelion was able to grow into the monster you see in the photo.

I can’t really blame the neighbors for letting the Dandelion Monster edge closer, and closer, to my window. They are in the process of moving in. Shawn was able to slay the Dandelion Monster before it overtook our home, so everything turned out ok.

As I was collecting up the haiku that I posted on Twitter in the month of May, it dawned on me that we all have a Dandelion Monster. Mine was physical (as well as metaphorical – which you will see in some of the haiku). There’s always another problem looming outside our windows, that will grow bigger and bigger until it is taken care of.

The most difficult thing about the month of May was not the pollen count. It finally lowered down to a manageable level. Of course, this meant I felt the need to push myself to finish this month’s work and to do all the stuff that I wasn’t physically able to do since mid-February (when the pollen started to get too high). I ended up overdoing things, sleeping a lot, and being frustrated by the whole cycle.

Bad allergy day
Productivity slows down
But, I’m still trying
May 2, 2015

Have started fasting
So I can take a blood test
Twelve hours from right now
May 5, 2015

Today’s allergen:
Adhesive from the bandage
Yesterday’s blood test
May 7, 2015

Outside my window
A dandelion monster
Tries to get inside
May 8, 2015

I might have a cold
Not a sinus infection
So far…that’s ok
May 8, 2015

I slept for 12 hours
Due to lack of restful sleep
Since February
May 10, 2015

Political blog
High on antihistamine
‘Cause that’s how I roll
May 11, 2015

The political blog I was writing was about a protest in the UK.

Nobody called me
Doctor not in town today
Despite appointment
May 12, 2015

That doctor’s appointment was made three months ago. Later, the doctor’s schedule changed and she ended up in a town located far, far, away on the day that my appointment was scheduled. Nobody called me to let me know about it. Few things frustrate me more about doctors than when things like this happen!

Acupuncture day
Feeling a bit better now
And really sleepy
May 13, 2015

Super sick today
Cockatiels are worried
So, they preened my head
May 15, 2015

One of my cockatiels has a natural talent for identifying when I’m really sick. He comes over and preens my head. This time, another cockatiel joined in. It’s cute that they try and make me feel better.

Am overtired
Everything is funny now
Will be crashing soon
May 15, 2015

Hoping that today
Is better than yesterday
When nothing went right
May 19, 2015

Suddenly sick now
Someone at doctor’s office
Had a cold I caught
May 19, 2015

Maybe if I sleep
I’ll feel somewhat better
After I wake up
May 19, 2015

They cut our food stamps
How will we pay for food now?
Not a fucking clue
May 19, 2015

This situation freaked me out, to be honest.

Having a strange day
Did too much yesterday and
Paying for it now
May 20, 2015

Trying to finish
Stuff I lacked energy for
Earlier in the day
May 21, 2015

Going to sleep now
Much to do later today
Hope I’m well enough
May 21, 2015

Awake and sneezing
Not a good way to start off
Today will be slow
May 22, 2015

Can’t sleep – giving up
Allergies have gone crazy
Did too much this weekend
May 23, 2015

Moving slow today
Low energy day again
How it goes sometimes
May 28, 2015

Awake too early
Not sure how today will go
Might be difficult
May 29, 2015

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