This blog is part of the series I am doing about my experience in Season 2 of Diablo III. The Season has ended but I still have a couple of blogs worth of screenshots about it. My intent was to keep up with the blogging and get finished shortly after Season 2 ended.

Previously, my hard core Demon Hunter hit Level 70 (and started earning some Paragon Points). My main goal was to get him to Level 70. There was only a few days left in Season 2, and I used them to try and earn the remaining Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements. Next up was the Demon Butcher Achievement which players can earn by killing Act IV monsters.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on April 4, 2015.

My focus this time was on trying to earn the Demon Butcher Achievement.  I decided the best way to go was by running as many Act IV Bounties as it took for me to kill off enough demons to get the Achievement.  I stopped paying attention to the names of the Bounties I was running in part because I didn’t feel like taking the time to note them.  It also seemed to me that the Bounties in Act IV are not all that different from each other anyway.

Aspect of Anguish, Andariel’s Minion

Paragon 10!

Jack Be Nimble: Reach Paragon level 10 in the Season.

Hit Paragon Level 10, and you unlock a Paragon Portrait.

Izual, The Betrayer

I got a total of four Achievements after killing Izual, but I hit the tab button and missed the screen where they popped up.  Oops!  Fortunately, I did manage to get screenshots of the ones I missed in the Seasonal Achievement section.

Fallen Angel: Kill Izual within 120 seconds of the start of the fight.

The Chill of Hell: Kill Izual in Hardcore mode.

The one above is the Seasonal Achievement.  The one below is the Career Achievement.

Tyrael’s Sorrow: Kill Izual.

Rhau’Kye, The Eye of Flame

I have now earned 1840 Seasonal Achievement Points.


Return to the Light: Release 25 Impaled Angels.

Rakanoth, Lord of Despair

Getting Your Hope Up: Kill Rakanoth in Hardcore mode.

Angel’s Bane: Kill Rakanoth.

Beastmaster of the High Heavens: Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act IV.

Armored Destroyer, Enslaved Nightmare, The Mallet Lords, The Oppressors, Terror Demon, Subjugator, Rakanoth the Lord of Despair

Heaven’s Zoologist (Hardcore): Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act IV in Hardcore mode.

Armored Destroyer, Enslaved Nightmare, The Mallet Lords, The Oppressors, Terror Demon, Subjugator, Rakanoth the Lord of Despair

Paragon Level 11!

Kao’Ahn, Morlu High Lord

A Legendary Amulet dropped somewhere in the Hell Rift Level 1.

Squirt’s Necklace is a Legendary Amulet.  It wasn’t as useful as the one that Dusk the Demon Hunter was already using.  The flavor text says: An unassuming chunk of stone covered with runes.  The name of Kantwirt, the ancient god of thieves, is scratched onto its back.

Squirt is the name of the child vendor in Act II.  Does this mean she is getting the stuff she sells by stealing it from others?  Or, should we assume that she actually is Kantwirt, ancient god of thieves, in disguise?

Prepared for Battle: Equip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 60 or higher.

Aspect of Lies, Belial’s Assassin

Historian of the High Heavens: Read the following World lore books in Act IV.

The Creation of Sanctuary Part 1, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 2, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 3, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 4

Heaven’s Chronicler (Hardcore): Read the following World lore books in Act IV in Hardcore mode.

The Creation of Sanctuary Part 1, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 2, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 3, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 4

Goblin Vault!

Goldenfingers, has oddjob

Greed, Baroness of the Vault

Paragon Level 12!

Fat Stacks: Kill Greed

Three Legendary items dropped after I killed Greed.

Boon of the Hoarder is a Legendary Gem.  The cool thing about it is: 25.0% chance on killing an enemy to cause an explosion of gold.  The flavor text says: “Rumors speak of a greedy Baroness who sends forth minions to collect treasure, equipped with gems to aid in gathering ever more.  Boon of the Hoarder is said to be one of these precious gems.” – Abd al-Hazir.

Dovu Energy Trap is a Legendary Amulet.  The cool thing about it is: Increases duration of Stun effects by 20%.  The flavor text says: “Those unaware of the true nature of the world are unable to keep their spirits from being used against them.” – Dovu, the Tribe of the Clouded Valley

Custerian Wristguards are Legendary Bracers.  The cool thing about this is: Picking up gold grants experience.  Pair these bracers with a ring or amulet that has the Boon of the Hoarder Legendary gem in it, and you end up collecting a lot of gold and getting extra experience points for picking up the gold.

The flavor text says: “In ancient times, there lived a strange race of people – the Custerians.  No one knows who they were, or what they were doing, but their legacy remains beaten into the very metal of these wristguards.” – Yuan, the wise man of Tufnyl

Cursebreaker of the High Heavens: Complete the following Cursed Chest events in Act IV

The Cursed Chapel, The Cursed Dias

Born to Dye: Dye an item.

Color Coordinated: Equip your head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet, and hands slots with items dyed the same color.

A Legendary Bow dropped for me somewhere in The Silver Spire Level 1.

Odyssey’s End is a Legendary Bow.  The cool thing about it is: Enemies snared by your Entangling Shot take 23% increased damage from all sources.

The flavor text says: After her many travels, the heroine Aphaena returned home bearing the mightiest bow in all of Skovos.  Only the strongest warriors may string it, and in modern times, the greatest of Skovos’s champions compete for that honor.

Paragon Level 13!

Aspect of Pain, Duriel’s Darkrider

I now have 1990 Achievement Points in Season 2.

Don’t Worry: Kill Rakanoth before killing any of his minions.

Paragon Level 14!

Demon Butcher: Kill 3,000 Demons in Act IV in the Season.

The Demon Butcher Achievement is the only Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievement in Act IV.  Now that I’ve earned it, I can move onto act V and try to get those Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements.  But, I decided to finish up the Bounty I was working on in Act IV first.

Slarg the Behemoth, Massive Hellbeast

All That Glitters: Pick up 5,000,000 gold.

Here’s Dusk the Demon Hunter wearing the transmogs from Season 1 and Season 2 (with the blue dye on them).   The next, and final, blog in the series I am doing about my adventure in Season 2 of Diablo III will feature highlights from Act V.  My primary goal was to get the three Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that went with Act V.

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