This blog is part of the series I am writing for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  Those who are doing it must write a blog that matches a particular letter of the alphabet, from A to Z.  The goal is to keep up with the blogging and post each blog on the right day.  The topic can be anything a writer chooses, so long as it somehow fits with the letter for the day.  Those who are posting their blogs on Twitter are using #AtoZ.

I am using this challenge as an opportunity to write about Diablo III (and the “universe” it exists in).  As far as I can tell, I am the only blogger who is writing about a video game.  I is for Imperius.

Imperius is the Archangel of Valor.  He is the leader of the Angiris Council.  Each angel who is part of the Angiris Council represents one of the virtues of Anu (who became The Crystal Arch that all the angels originate from).  The Angiris Council functions something like the Supreme Court of the United States.  Every angel in it gets to cast a vote about whatever is being decided on.  (Or, they can choose to abstain from voting).  Each angel can have their “say”.  Imperius also gets one vote, even though he is the leader.  You might think of his position on the Angiris Council as something like the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  He’s the one in charge.

Valor is defined by as: boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery.  That’s a good description of Imperius.  His bravery in battle is unshakable, even when it looks like things are going badly and defeat is imminent.  Imperius is the one who leads the rest of the angels into battle.  He will go where…. other angels fear to tread (or, if not fear, then where their reasoning skills tell them that it would be wise to hesitate).  The sight of Imperius influences the other angels to fight with valor and strength.

Like Tyrael, Imperius has his own weapon.  As I’ve said in previous blogs, the angels do not have bodies.  They are the manifestation of a particular sound wave and light beam that comes from The Crystal Arch.  The armor an angel wears, and the weapon the angel carries, are all “one piece”.  In other words, the weapon that Imperius uses is actually a part of himself.

Solarion, the Spear of Valor, is the weapon of Imperius.  The Book of Cain says that Solarion was forged in a dying star by Imperius himself.  I’m not entirely certain just how that works, but that is the Legend behind Solarion.  Imperius is not always seen carrying his spear.  He has the ability to call it to him at any time.  It appears as a blinding flash of light that then manifests as a physical spear that he holds in his hand.

In addition to being the leader of the Angels, and the one who leads the battle charge, Imperius has another “job”.  He trains the warrior angels, teaches them how to fight, and helps them improve their skill.  He also spends time strategizing for upcoming battles against the demons in the Eternal Conflict.  His domain in the High Heavens is said to be strewn with his trophies of war.  Songs of his valorous deeds can be heard, echoing through the chamber.

I tend to think of Imperius as “the angel with anger management issues”.  He’s impatient, irritable, and not very willing to accept viewpoints that do not match his own.  When players encounter Imperius in the Diablo III game, he’s always grumpy!  There are times when he blames the nephalem for everything that is going on in game.  Things on Sanctuary are less than ideal, and Imperius would like you to know that it is all your fault.

Why is Imperius so cranky when it comes to the nephalem?  The reason goes all the way back to the Sin War.  Without giving away too many “spoilers”, I can say that the Angiris Council held a vote at the end of the Sin War.  Should the nephalem be allowed to continue to exist?

Malthael, (who was Archangel of Wisdom at the time) chose to abstain from voting.  Auriel (Archangel of Hope) and Itherael (Archangel of Fate) voted to spare the nephalem.  Imperius cast an emphatic vote to terminate all of the nephalem.  He saw the nephalem as abominations.  (More about the nephalem in an upcoming blog).

Imperius believed that Tyrael would agree with him and vote to destroy the nephalem.  Doing so would make the vote 2-2.  In the event of a tie, the Angeris Council would carry out it’s original intent, which was to scour the nephalem from existence.  Tyrael had a reputation as a great warrior, something that he and Imperius had in common.  Instead, Tyrael voted to spare the nephalem.  That put the vote at 3 -1.  There wasn’t tie.

The only angel who voted to destroy humanity was Imperius.  He has since blamed Tyrael for all the problems that the nephalem have caused.  The resentment that Imperius feels towards Tyrael is no secret.  It eventually influenced Tyrael to give up his immortality and become mortal so he could continue to help the nephalem.  Yes, even angels can grow tired of Imperius’ bad attitude.

Imperius grew more enraged and bitter over time, especially after Diablo invaded the High Heavens.  To Imperius, that occurrence is the fault of the nephalem (who should never have existed in the first place).   Imperius also sees that event as the fault of Tyrael who not only voted to spare the nephalem, but who turned around and (basically) became one of them!


  1. I know the guy is too extreme to be liked but i like him.He was always right about Nephalems.He knew the problem Inarius and Lilith did can only be saved by genocide.

    It was Zoltun Kulle’s mess to make Diablo gather all remaining evils within himself.It was the work of Marius to set Baal free so he could corrupt the worldstone.

    Malthael was lost after Tyrael destroyed the worldstone
    Black Soulstone corrupted Malthael as well.
    Nephalems still live,will (s)he resist or be their doom?

    Imperius on the other hand,stays the same.Still an unbending tyrant but devoted to protect his homeland,as he always been

  2. Orkun,
    Thank you for your comment!

    You have made some good points about Imperius. He really does stay the same all the time, and it makes sense that he is devoted to protecting his homeland (especially since he is the one in charge).

    On the other hand, his inability to listen to opposing viewpoints can cause him problems. This is most clearly seen in the book “Diablo III: Storm of Light” by Nate Kenyon. In that one, Imperius becomes so much of a tyrant, unwilling to listen to others, that he actually puts the High Heavens at risk. Of course, that’s not entirely his fault as he was being negatively affected by the proximity of the Black Soulstone.

    Your comment made me realize a similarity between Imperius and Malthael. Both believe(d) that the way to win the “Eternal Conflict” was to commit genocide and kill all the Nephalem. They just wanted to go about that in different ways.

    You also make a valid point – some of the Nephalem, such as Zoltun Kulle, really did make a mess of things.

    1. I think all 5 archangels are meant to balance their flaws by working together.

      When Malthael left heaven,the angels were left without a guide.
      When Rakanoth trapped Auriel,they were in despair
      After Tyrael quit,council became even weaker.
      Imperius became more unstable,later he witnessed the corruption of his brother(malthael)this has broken his will.He was mentally quite weak in reaper of souls,like a warrior without a cause.

      1. Orkun,
        You are exactly right about the archangels being meant to work together. Each one of the Angiris Council represents one particular aspect of Anu. Those angels are the living embodiments (so to speak) of Anu’s virtues: valor, justice, hope, faith, and wisdom.

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