This blog is part of the series I have been writing about my experience in the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls beta.  I played a female Crusader that I named Joan.   The beta, of course, is over.  Even so,  I wanted to continue to blog about it because it gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts about the beta.  Most of the screenshots in this blog were taken on December 20, 2013.  Some of the later ones were taken on December 23, 2013.  Previously, Joan the Crusader had just hit Level 15.  This blog picks up with her experience from Level 15 to Level 16.

OMG, a Keywarden!

Odeg the Keywarden was the very first Keywarden that Joan the Crusader ran into during the Reaper of Souls (RoS) beta.  I don’t remember what loot he dropped, so it probably wasn’t anything super special.  I was hoping for a Legendary, but Odeg didn’t drop one for me.  The fight was fun.  Odeg the Keywarden has “Evasive Khazra Brute” under his name.

Later, Joan the Crusader and Kormac the Templar fought a monster called Thunderhead the Unforgiven.  Thunderhead?  Methinks this one is not the smartest monster in the pack.  Again, was hoping for a Legendary and didn’t get one.  Oh, well.  Maybe Thunderhead didn’t have any.

The game spawned the Carrion Farm Event for me while I was in the Fields of Misery.  This is the one where players must help an unfortunate farmer.  His land has been taken over by Plague Nests that are spawning a bunch of Plague Bats.  There are four Plague Nests.  If you are playing in a multi-player game, one strategy is to split up and have each player take out one Plague Nest.

You will always find Sicklefang, Scourge of the Harvest, in the Carrion Farm Event.  He is always located near the Plague Nest that is in the lower right hand “corner” of the Farm.  If you are in a multiplayer game, I would recommend sending the player with the strongest character off to fight Sicklefang.  On his own, he’s not incredibly tough.  But, you can’t fight him without also having to fight a Plague Nest and a bunch of spawned Plague Bats.  Together, it makes that particular Plague Nest harder than the rest.

Kill everything.  Go back and talk to the farmer.  You earn the Carrion Farm Achievement.

Carrion Farm: Complete the Carrion Farm event.

This was where I stopped.  The next day that I played was December 23, 2013.  Joan the Crusader, and her Follower, Kormac the Templar, reached the part of the game where you find Lyndon the Scoundrel.  My initial impression of him, when I first came across him in the original Diablo III, was not a favorable one.   He just seemed kinda skeezy!  By the time I got to the RoS beta, Lyndon had grown on me a bit.

You find him with his arms tied.  He begs you to untie him, and mentions Sasha, “a farmer’s daughter”.  She is holding a valuable relic that the thieves in the Thieves Guild are after.  Of course, you go help.  (You cannot progress farther through the game without helping).  The goal is to kill all the thieves, including their leader, the aptly named Nigel Cutthroat.

Later, you find that Lyndon has convinced the girl that he was going to marry her.  Instead, he promptly abandons her (and is disappointed to find out the relic isn’t as valuable as he thought it was).  Skeezy!  He follows you as far as The Drowned Temple.  When you get there, you will be given a choice.  Would you like to take Lyndon the Scoundrel along with you as your Follower?

I would recommend that you choose the Scoundrel the first time you come across him in the game.  Doing so earns you the Stolen Moments Achievement.  Once you have earned the Achievement, you can portal back to New Tristram, drop him off, and bring the Templar with you instead.  Or, you can keep Lyndon the Scoundrel with you for a while if you like him.  It is up to you.

Stolen Moments: Use the Scoundrel as your Follower.

Joan the Crusader, her new Follower Lyndon the Scoundrel, and Leah (the powerful, yet doomed) adventure into The Festering Woods.  There, they encountered Deathrattle Stonethrow.  This screenshot shows one of the Crusaders skills – Shield Bash.  Crusaders can use their shield like a weapon!

Killing him off gave Joan the Crusader just enough experience points to hit Level 16!  The next blog will cover her adventure towards Level 17.

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