This blog is part of the series I am doing that shows my progress through Season 1 in Diablo III. I’m not entirely certain that I will do another Season, so it seemed like a good idea to blog about this one. If I end up doing another Season, someday, these blogs will be what I compare my progress to.

The previous two blogs were about progress made, and Achievements earned, in Act II by my seasonal character. Gurr the Barbarian went all the way through Act II in Story Mode (Normal difficultly) by himself. Then, he returned to help his buddy Qiz through it. Qiz is my husband Shawn’s Seasonal character. He is a Monk – so the first part of his name is Qi. It is pronounced “Chee”. The Z on the end means his name is pronounced “Cheese”.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 13, 2014 and September 20, 2014. There is a “gap” between when Gurr the Barbarian was last in Act II and his return, so this isn’t exactly in chronological order.

The only Legendary item that dropped for Gurr the Barbarian in this trip through Act II was Gungdo Gear. The flavor text says: “Cover your wrists in righteousness that you may strike with the will of the gods.” – Tenets of the Veradani

Primary: Physical skills deal 7% more damage, +94 Strength, +100 Vitality, Critical Hit Chance Increased by 2.5%
Secondary: Monster kills grant +17 experience, Reduces duration of control impairing effects by 11%

Belial dropped these bracers.  Not a bad piece of gear!  It’s got some extra strength and some extra vitality.  It even has an increased chance of a critical hit.  This was Gurr the Barbarian’s second trip through Act II, so these bracers were not an upgrade for him.  Gurr was wearing Aughild’s Ultimatum.  If I remember correctly, I offered the Gungdo Gear bracers to Shawn, but I don’t remember if it was an upgrade for him or not.

Here’s a nice screenshot of Qiz and Gurr in action.  Gurr is wearing the bright red and gold Aughild’s set and using a Legendary weapon that he transmogrified so that it looks like one of Malthael’s weapons.  This means that Gurr the Barbarian got all the way through the Story Mode content before returning to Act II.  He was probably at Level 52 at the time this screenshot was taken.

 Here are the gold monsters that Qiz and Gurr killed together.

This is the third Zarhym I’ve run into during Season 1.  (I’m counting them as I blog them instead of trying to count them chronologically.)

Gurr and Qiz also killed off some monsters with purple names.

Gurr the Barbarian got some Achievements this time around that he didn’t get in his first trip through Act II.

Not So Tough Now: Kill 50 Champions of the following types.

Which ones did Gurr the Barbarian kill?

1) Soul Ripper, 2) Skull Cleaver, 3) Icy Quillback, 4) Morlu Legionnaire, 5) Mallet Lord, 6) Darksky Fire Demon, 7) Succubus, 8) Dark Skeletal Bowman, 9) Stygian Crawler, 10) Blood Clan Occultist, 11)Blood Clan Impaler…

…12) Blood Clan Mauler, 13) Fallen Hellhound, 14) Fallen Soldier, 15) Fallen Overlord, 16) Demon Trooper, 17) Demonic Hellflyer, 18) Armored Destroyer, 19) Demonic Tremor, 20) Hulking Phasebeast…

…21) Vile Swarm, 22) Brood Hatchling, 23) Webspitter Spider, 24) Writhing Deciever, 25) Spine Hewer, 26) Bone Warrior, 27) Skeletal Raider, 28) Rock Giant, 29) Lacuni Slasher, 30) Vicious Ghoul, 31) Grim Wraith, 32) Accursed, 33) Fallen Curr, 34) Fallen Peon, 35) Fallen, 36) Fallen Overseer, 37) Ravenous Dead, 38) Hungry Corpse, 39) Disentombed Hulk…

…40) Unholy Thrall, 41) Dark Hellion, 42) Dark Berserker, 43) Spiderling, 44) Skeletal Archer, 45) Returned Executioner, 46) Scavenger, 47) Quill Demon, 48) Savage Fiend, 49) Carrion Bat, and 50) Horned Charger

Custom Fit: Craft 100 items.

Snake Handler: Kill 500 Snakemen in Act II in the Season.

Kulle Runnings: Kill Zoltun Kulle in a cooperative game.

Liar Liar: Kill Belial in a cooperative game.

Fist Missed: Kill Belial without getting hit by his fist attack.

This completes the adventures of Gurr the Barbarian and Qiz the Monk through Story Mode of Act II (Normal difficulty).  The next blogs in this series will focus on the progress I made through Act III during Season 1.

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