This blog is part of a series that I am doing about my progress through Season 1 in Diablo III. I began the Season with a brand new Barbarian, whom I named Gurr. My primary goal was to get Gurr through all the content in Story Mode, which would hopefully get him to Level 70. If not, then my next goal was to make sure he hit Level 70. After that, the plan was to pick up as many Achievements as possible before the Season ended.

This blog features the Achievements that Gurr got in Act IV of Story Mode. I was playing on Normal difficulty (figuring I could go back and run through it at higher difficulties later if there was time). The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 6, 2014

The first Achievement that Gurr the Barbarian got in Act IV is one that has a funny name.  I suspect that it was inspired by the scene in Army of Darkness where Ash is supposed to say the three words before grabbing the Book of the Dead, but he forgot the last one, so he gets it wrong.

Iskatu Barada Nikto: Kill Iskatu

Attacking the Darkness: Kill 20 Shadow vermin, Gloom Wraiths, or Shade Stalkers at once.

Angels’ Bane: Kill Rakanoth.

Don’t Worry: Kill Rakanoth before killing any of his minions.

The Garden of Heavenly Delights: Explore the following areas in the Gardens of Hope.

The Diamond Gates, The Vestibule of Light, Gardens of Hope 1st Tier, Library of Fate, Hell Rift

I have absolutely no idea why this next Achievement took so long to pop up. It’s an Act III Achievement, and I was in Act IV!

Beastmaster of Arreat: Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act III.

Bile Crawler, Blood Clan Khazra, Colossal Golgor, Demon Flyer, Demonic Hell Bearer, Demonic Tremor, Demon Trooper, Herald of Pestilence, Hulking Phasebeast, Morlu, Shadow Vermin, Siegebreaker Assault Beast, Soul Ripper, Succubus, Tormented Stinger, Cydaea The Maiden of Lust, Ghom the Lord of Gluttony

Gardening: Destroy all the corruption in the Gardens of Hope without leaving the game.

Return to the Light: Release 25 Impaled Angels.

Armed to the Teeth: Equip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 25 or higher.

Tyrael’s Sorrow: Kill Izual.

Fallen Angel: Kill Izual within 120 seconds of the start of the fight.

Beastmaster of the High Heavens: Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act IV.

Armored Destroyer, Enslaved Nightmare, The Mallet Lords, The Oppressors, Terror Demon, Subjugator, Rakanoth the Lord of Despair

Grand Beastmaster of Sanctuary: Complete the bestiary achievements listed below.

Beastmaster of Tristram, Beastmaster of Caldeum, Beastmaster of Arreat, Beastmaster of the High Heavens

The Crown of Heaven: Explore the following areas of the Silver Spire.

The Crystal Colonnade, Gateway to the Silver Spire, The Silver Spire Act I, The Great Span, The Silver Spire Level 2, The Pinnacle of Heaven

It’s Just Us: Listen to all of Tyrael’s conversations.

Vanished Memoried (Act I), The Sword (Act I), The Mysterious Coven (Act I), The Lords of Hell (Act I),

About Caldeum (Act II), The Lord of Lies (Act II), Refugees in Caldeum (Act II), About Your Fall (Act II), Destruction of Mount Arreat (Act II), The Last Twenty Years (Act II), Corruption (Act II), Zoltun Kulle’s Death (Act II),

Kulle’s Black Soulstone (Act III), The Flawed Stone (Act III), Human Knowledge (Act III), A Lost Opportunity (Act III), Guilt (Act III), The Thrill of Battle (Act III), Tyrael’s Command (Act III), The Battle of the Diamond Gates (Act III), The Eternal Conflict (Act III), The Creation of the World (Act III),

Heavens Fall (Act IV), Adria’s Treachery (Act IV), The Dark Wanderer (Act IV), The High Heavens (Act IV), Leah’s Spirit (Act IV), Maltheal (Act IV), Malthael’s Fate (Act IV), The Prime Evil (Act IV)

Now I’ve Heard Everything: Complete the main character conversation achievements listed below.

Stay Awhile and Listen, More than Stories, Bewitched, It’s Just Us

The Prime Evil: The Prime Evil

Bul-Kathos Reborn: Complete Act IV with a Barbarian.

Those are all the Achievements that Gurr the Barbarian got in his first trip through Act IV in Season 1 of Diablo III.  One of the interesting things about Act IV was that it was the first time I’d gotten a character through it since the Reaper of Souls Expansion.  Much of it was similar, but there were a few things that had changed.  The next blog in this series will feature his adventure through Act V of Diablo III.  Like Act IV, it was done on Normal difficulty.

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