This blog is part of my series about what I did in Season 1 of Diablo III. I rolled a brand new Barbarian and named him Gurr. He was my only Seasonal character for Season 1. My first goal for Season 1 was to get Gurr all the way through the Story Mode content (Normal difficulty).

This blog focuses on my second goal for Season 1. I wanted to have Gurr hit Level 70. My hope was that he would do that at the same time as he finished up Act V. That didn’t happen. So, I ended up running through bounties and rifts for a while in an effort to level him up.  The screenshots you see in this blog are from September 14, 18, 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2014.

I took this screenshot because it shows that I switched from Story Mode to Adventure Mode.  It also shows that I started doing bounties and rifts in Normal difficulty.  Eventually, I moved that up to Hard difficulty (shortly before I hit Level 58).


I have officially achieved my second goal for Season 1: to get my Seasonal character to Level 70.  This was important to me for two reasons.

One, I wanted to have a second Level 70 Barbarian. (I already had a female Barbarian, Zeta, at Level 70 before Season 1 started).  Two, players that get a Seasonal character to Level 70 unlock a really awesome looking transmog for their helm and shoulders.  (I didn’t go get the transmog until later in Season 1 – but I could have done it as soon as I hit Level 70).

So, what’s next?  I’d already earned the two goals I set for myself for Season 1.  I ended up doing a lot of “Achievement Hunting”, just to see how many Achievement points I could earn before the Season ended.  I also found some cool Legendaries that were fun to play with.  Some of the highlights from that will appear in upcoming blogs.

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