Season 2 of Diablo III is done and over with (and Season 3 is starting up). Before I jump into Season 3, I wanted to make use of the screenshots that I took during Season 2. My hard core Demon Hunter not only survived the Season, but also hit Level 70.

This blog is going to feature the highlights from the rest of what I did in Act III as I tried to earn the last Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievement for that Act. It will also show the first Paragon Levels I earned while in Act III.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on March 29, March 31, and April 4, 2015.

I managed to get a little bit of Paragon points while I was working my way through Act III.

I unlocked the first Paragon Portrait.

I now had a total of 1720 Seasonal Achievement Points.

Thornback, Spiked Fire Beast

Captain Dale, Former Guard Captain

Shertik the Brute, Poisonous Malformed Beast

Paragon Level 5!

Basic Gemology: Teach the Jeweler a design.

Metalworking: Teach the Blacksmith 25 recipes.

A Legendary item dropped for me somewhere in the Arreat Crater Level 1.  It turned out to be a Legendary ring.

The Justice Lantern is a Legendary ring.  The flavor text says: Once worn by the self-appointed guardians of Sanctuary, who were said to feel no fear.

Paragon Level 6!

Growlfang, Bite Much Worse Than Bark

I had now earned 1740 Seasonal Achievement Points.

Marchocyas, Winged Horror

Expert Gemology: Teach the Jeweler 3 designs.

I have now earned 1750 Seasonal Achievement Points.

Bholen, Aspect of Sloth

Paragon Level 7!

Deadgrasp, Tendrils of Evil

Not So Tough Now: Kill 50 Champions of the following types.

I killed: Succubus, Soul Ripper, Dark Skeletal Bowman, Skull Cleaver, Skeletal Marauder, Icy Quillback, Stygian Crawler, Wintersbane Huntress, Blood Clan Occultist, Blood Clan Impaler, Fallen Hellhound, Fallen Soldier, Fallen Slavelord, Fallen Overlord, Demonic Hellflyer, Demonic Tremor, Hulking Phasebeast, Vile Swarm, Brood Hatchling, Webspitter Spider, Writhing Deceiver, Chilling Construct, Skeletal Ranger, Spine Hewer, Bone Warrior, Skeletal Raider, Reaper, Sand Wasp, Sand Behemoth, Lacuni Slasher, Lacuni Huntress, Vicious Ghoul, Grim Wraith, Deadly Haunt, Savage Flyer, Accursed, Fallen Conjurer, Fallen Peon, Fallen, Fallen Overseer, Ravenous Dead, Disentombed Hulk, Unholy Thrall, Dark Hellion, Dark Berserker, Spiderling, Scavenger, Quill Demon, Carrion Bat, Imp

Master Gemology: Teach the Jeweler 6 designs.

Paragon Level 8!

Legendary gloves dropped for me somewhere in the Tower of the Cursed Level 1.

Gladiator Gauntlets are Legendary gloves.  The special thing about this item is: After earning a massacre bonus, gold rains from the sky.  The flavor text says: Worn by the combatants in the arenas of Emperor Vaught.

Antivenom: Kill Cydaea without taking damage from her Spiderlings.

Goatherd: Kill 1,000 Blood Clan in Act III in the Season.

This was the last Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievement that I needed to get in Act III.  I was ready to finish up my last Act III Bounty and move on to Act IV.  At this point, there were about two days left in Season 2, and I wasn’t sure I would have enough time to get the rest of the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements.

Flawless Gemology: Teach the Jeweler 9 designs.

Paragon Level 9!

This ends Act III in Season 2 for Dusk the Demon Hunter.  It seemed like it took a really long time to earn the Goatherd Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievement.  The next blog in this (soon to be ending) series about my experiences in Season 2 will feature highlights from Act IV.

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