Season 2 in Diablo III is coming to an end! I’m really glad that I didn’t set any higher goals for myself beyond hitting Level 70 with my hard core Demon Hunter. He’s not quite there yet – but getting closer!

Unfortunately, my bad health has gotten in the way of me being able to fully get into Season 2. What I’ve been able to do, so far, has been fun. There’s still some time left for me to see how far I can push things. I feel like I’ve barely played compared to Season 1, and though I realize that it’s not my fault that my allergies had to flare up for weeks on end… it is still frustrating.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on March 20, 2015.

Once again, I focused on doing Bounties in Act II.  There was one more Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievement that I wanted to get before I moved onto Act III.  I thought I’d been playing in Hard difficulty, but it turns out I failed to click a button, so I’ve actually been in Normal mode the whole Season.  Perhaps that is for the best.

The first five Act II Bounties were: The Cursed Battlement – Cleanse the Cursed Shrine (Howling Plateau), Kill Maghda – Enter the Lair of the Witch and Kill Maghda (Road to Alcarnus), Kill Bashiok – and 150 other enemies (Dahlgur Oasis), Clear the Vile Cavern – Enter the Vile Cavern and Kill all enemies in the Vile Cavern Level 2 (Desolate Sands), and Kill Thrum – Enter the Realm of Shadow and Kill Thrum and 100 other enemies (Archives of Zoltun Kulle).

Compared to the amount of Achievements I earned during Season 1, this is pretty pathetic.  That being said, it is the most Achievements I’ve gotten while playing a hardcore character.  I guess that’s something.

Cleansing the Cursed Shrine resulted in a lot of dead demons.

Yeth, Hound of Pestilence

Caldeum Ecologist (Hardcore): Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act II in Hardcore Mode.

The Accursed, Deceivers, Dune Dervish, Dune Thresher, Dust Imp, Electric Eel, Fallen Grunt, Fallen Lunatic, Fallen Shaman, Lacuni, Sand Dweller, Sand Wasp, Skeletal Guardian, Stinging Swarm, Blood Hawk, Rockworm

Beastmaster of Caldeum: Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act II.

The Accursed, Deceivers, Dune Dervish, Dune Thresher, Dust Imp, Electric Eel, Fallen Grunt, Fallen Lunatic, Fallen Shaman, Lacuni, Sand Dweller, Sand Wasp, Skeletal Guardian, Stinging Swarm, Blood Hawk, Rockworm

Jorhum the Cleric, Coven Blood Scribe

Next, I got the “Kill Bashiok” Bounty.  This was the first time I’ve ever picked up that one, and it resulted in the first time I’ve ever seen Bashiok in Diablo III in the entire time I’ve been playing (and I started in the Diablo III beta).  So, this was kind of exciting!

It was also rather frustrating.  There is an achievement that you can earn by hitting Bashiok with Rakanishu’s Blade.  (The Achievement is called “Bashanishu”.)  This would be my first chance to try and earn that Achievement.  Except for one problem… I didn’t have Rakanishu’s Blade.  My hard core Demon Hunter hadn’t done the event that results in a chance for that weapon to drop.

My best bet was to try and clear Dahlgur Oasis in the hopes of randomly finding that event before fighting Bashiok.  No such luck, though.

Bashiok, Death is Not the End

I ended up having to kill Bashiok with rapid fire.  It’s cool to finally see the Diablo III representation of former Diablo Community Manager Bashiok.  I just wish I could have earned that Achievement at the same time.  Oh well.  I suppose he will pop up in a random game again someday.

Bramok the Overlord, Unmerciful Slavemaster

The Achievement I was sent into the Dahlgur Oasis to do was the one where you Kill Bashiok.  While I was searching (in vain) for the Blade of Rakanishu I happened to find the Rotting Cellar.  I decided to go inside because I hadn’t done that yet in Season 2.

The above screenshot shows the outside of the Rotting Cellar.  The below one shows the inside.

Javad the Merchant: Help me, please!  Someone help.  I’m being robbed!

Imperial Guard: Quiet, or I will rip your tongue from your mouth!

Imperial Guard: You fool, you think you can save this man?  You have sealed your fate!

Dusk the Demon Hunter brought along the Enchantress as his follower.  She had something to say.

Enchantress: Such insolence must be punished!

This was seconds before the Imperial Guards all turned into snake men – and a few got turned into chickens by an angry Enchantress.

After you slay all the snake men, you are able to talk to Javad the Merchant.  This is a good opportunity to sell some of the junk that is in your bag.  The first time you do this “event”, one of the snake men will drop “The Imperial Guard’s Orders”.  I figure the book, and the merchant, are pieces of some of the Achievements.

The Imperial Guard’s Orders: The enemy has destroyed Alcarnus and most of the cultists.  The master commands us to capture more slaves immediately.  Go to the oasis and abduct the villagers.  Kill any who resist.  That way, we shall both gain allies and destroy enemies.  – Captain of the Imperial Guard.


Somewhere in the Desolate Sands, a Legendary dropped that I’ve never seen before.

The flavor text says: What fevered mind conceived of this vicious device that sends spikes hurling towards one’s enemies at incredible speeds?

Made It Work: Equip your head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet, and hands slots with items dyed in all different colors.

In Season 1, I set out to intentionally earn this Achievement with my soft core Barbarian.  In Season 2, however, this eyesore just happened by accident.

Thrum, Giant Stone Mauler

The reward for finishing a full set of five Bounties included Legendary gloves.

This one has pretty colors!  The flavor text says: These scaled gloves, sewn from the flayed skin of a deceiver, are gifted only to the Dark Coven’s most favored mortal servants.  

There’s what the Gloves of Worship look like on a Demon Hunter.  From here, I went on to do another set of five Bounties in Act II.  Details on those Bounties will appear in an upcoming blog.

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