This blog is part of the series I am doing about my progress through Season 2 in Diablo III. I’m playing a hard core Demon Hunter named Dusk.

My primary goal is to get him to Level 70 during the Season so I can unlock the cool transmogs that go with it. Things are moving pretty slowly so far, and that’s mostly due to Season 2 falling right into a really bad allergy season for me.

In this blog, I finally move Dusk the Demon Hunter from Act I to Act II (Normal difficulty). I started working on some Act II bounties in an effort to earn the Bounty related Achievements. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on March 7, 2015.

So far, I’ve been mostly focused on doing Bounties. This blogs shows the highlights from the first batch of five Bounties that I completed in Act II during Season 2. Those Bounties were: A Miner’s Gold – Help the Crazed Miner (Howling Plateau), Rygnar Idol – Enter the Chamber of the Lost Idol and help Poltahr retrieve the Rygnar Idol (Stinging Winds), Kill Bonesplinter – and 50 other enemies (Road to Alcarnus), Clear the Flooded Cave – Enter the flooded cave and kill all enemies in the Flooded Cave Level 2 (Dahlgur Oasis), and Kill the Archivist – Enter the Unknown Depths and Kill the Archivist and 100 other enemies (The Unknown Depths).

In addition to the Bounties, I happened to find a cave that included an event. It is located in the Howling Plateau. There is a glowing cave entrance with a dying Iron Wolf on the ground outside it.

Iron Wolf: We were ambushed in the cave. Help the others!

The cave is called the Abandoned Mineworks.  Entering it automatically starts the Lair of the Lacuni event.

The goal is to “Rescue the stranded Iron Wolves”.  They are being attacked by Lacuni (who pop out of the ground).  The Iron Wolf Captain speaks:

Iron Wolf Captain: Take that!  And that!

Iron Wolf Captain: There’s no time to talk.  My brothers need us!

Iron Wolf Captain: Stay strong!  I won’t let you die while I still stand!

The way to rescue the stranded Iron Wolves is to “Kill the Lacuni attacking the Iron Wolves”. Seems pretty straightforward.  After you kill off the first batch of Lacuni, Iron Wolf Captain has more to say (and so do a few of his men).

Iron Wolf Captain: Thanks, but there’s no time for pleasantries.  Save my men!  They are scattered in this cave!

Iron Wolf: I’ll help!  I’m…I’m all right!

Iron Wolf: Captain!  There are too many!

Iron Wolf: Let’s help the others before they fall!

After you kill off the second batch of Lacuni, more dialogue appears.

Iron Wolf: That’s everyone.  Let us report back to the captain.

Iron Wolf Captain: Everyone’s accounted for or dead.  All right, men, finish patching up these two, and let’s get out of this damned pit!

Before the Iron Wolf Captain, and his men, can leave the cave, something unexpected happens!

Iron Wolf: Yes, sir!  Wait! Do you hear that…?

Iron Wolf: Another ambush!

Iron Wolf Captain: Men, kill that big lacuni!

The player must now fight Ghaz, The Shadowclaw.

  The first time you do this event, you earn an Achievement.

Lair of the Lacuni: Complete the Lair of the Lacuni event.

The player gets a “thank you” from the Iron Wolf Captain when the event is over.

Iron Wolf Captain: That was a trying battle.  Thank you for your help.

The Bounty I was supposed to be working on in this zone was the Crazed Miner event.

Crazed Miner: Over here!

Demon Hunter: What are you doing out here?

Crazed Miner: There’s a treasure chest down here.  Watch my back while I haul it up!  Then we can split the rewards.

The “A Miner’s Gold” event automatically starts.    The player must help the Crazed Miner raise the treasure on the lift.

Crazed Miner: Get ready! I’m bringing it up now.

Crazed Miner: Damn!  It’s stuck.  I’m going to need time to fix this.

Slay the demons that are trying to attack the Crazed Miner.  (If I remember correctly, there is more than one round of them to kill.)

Crazed Miner: I think I got it!  Yes, I got it! No, still stuck.

Crazed Miner: There it goes!

The Crazed Miner finally gets the lift working.  It brings up a huge treasure chest called “Treasure of the Nephalem”.

Crazed Miner: Thanks!  I’ll take my share, and you can have what’s left!

The first time you complete this event, you earn an Achievement.

A Miner’s Gold: Complete the A Miner’s Gold event.

The next Bounty was “the Rignar Idol” event.  Enter the Chamber of the Lost Idol and talk to Poltahr.

Poltahr: I’ve spent months searching these deserts for the Rygnar idol.  It is here in these ruins; I know it!

Poltahr: I’ve survived starvation…dehydration…cultists… demons… But this place is too much for me.

Poltahr: You look like you could help me find it.  I’ve come too close.  I can’t fail now!

The Demon Hunter responds with a snarky comment.

Dusk: I will help you…if you promise never to do something this foolish again.

From here, the player must explore the Chamber of the Lost Idol in search of the Rygnar Idol.  There are plenty of monsters to kill along the way.

Poltahr: Don’t let them get me!

Poltahr: Kill them!  Kill them all!

Poltahr: Nothing will stop us!

Keep It Rare: Kill 10 rare enemies of the following types.

Savage Beast, Scavenger, Skeleton, Arachnid Horror, Dark Berserker, Dark Cultist, Unholy Thrall, Hungry Corpse, Ravenous Dead, Skeletal Ranger

After following the player around for a while, Poltahr becomes impressed.

Poltahr: It’s a good thing I found you.

Poltahr: If I only had half the power you do…

Poltahr: The idol!  We found it!

The Rygnar Idol is the skull that is sitting on what might be a pedestal or something like that.

Poltahr: It was all worth it!  Everything!

Poltahr: Now that it is at hand, I find myself filled with trepidation.  Would you take it for me?

Of course, the player takes the Rygnar Idol for Poltahr.  If the player chooses not to … the game comes to a standstill.  Go ahead and take it!

Poltahr: What was that?

It turns out to be a good thing that the player picked up the Rygnar Idol.  Instantly, four monsters appear, one in each corner of the room.  I failed to get a screenshot of them.  All four were Frost Guardians.

Poltahr: We almost died!  If you weren’t here…

The Demon Hunter has some advice for Poltahr.

Dusk: It’s too dangerous for you out here.  You should return to Caldium.

Poltahr: Perhaps you’re right.  Thanks for helping me retrieve the idol, and for saving my life.

Players earn an Achievement the first time they do this event.

The Rygnar Idol: Complete the Rygnar Idol event.


I was supposed to be looking for Bonesplinter, but I got a little bit lost and ended up finding the Lost Caravan.  So, that means I was very lost, I suppose.

Beyatt, The Elusive One

Bonespinter, The Savage Fist

Hero of Alcarnus: Free all of the prisoners in Alcarnus.

Ashangu, The Summoner

A Legendary plan dropped somewhere in the Flooded Cave.  I’m not sure if it was dropped in Level 1 or in Level 2.

The last Bounty was Kill the Archivist (and 100 other enemies).  The Archivist is located in the Unknown Depths in the Archives of Zoltun Kulle.

The Archivist, Dark Lorekeeper


Dusk the Demon Hunter ended this “session” at Level 46.  Next time, I’m hoping to get him to at least Level 50.  It will depend on how much time I have to play.  My plan is to stay in Act II and to continue doing Bounties.   With some luck, I might earn the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that go with Act II.

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