The Queen’s Dessert is an event in Diablo III (that can also come up as a random Bounty).  The first time I encountered this event was during Season 3.  I’m not entirely certain if this new event is only accessible for Seasonal characters, or whether it has been added to the non-season part of the game as well.

It is one of a few new events that require a player to search for a specific number of targets.  In The Queen’s Dessert event, the player needs to destroy 6 Royal Cocoons and slay the spiders that are guarding each Royal Cocoon.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on April 11, 2015.

The first time I encountered The Queen’s Dessert event was when it randomly came up as a Bounty for me. The event takes place in the Caverns of Araneae. I was playing my soft core Seasonal Crusader in Normal Difficulty. She was Level 8. Since then, I’ve done The Queen’s Dessert Bounty several more times, in different difficulty levels.  The event is not connected to a particular level of difficulty.

Here we go!

The map will give you clues about where the Royal Cocoons are located.  When I took this screenshot, my Crusader was standing at the location of one of the Royal Cocoons.  Two more appear on the map as a gold dot with a gold circle around it. The arrows point me toward where I should go to find some of the remaining Royal Cocoons.

My Crusader was in the process of slaying the spiders that were guarding the first Royal Cocoon I’d found.  They appear at the same time sort of like a “wave” in other types of events.  The map shows I’ve got three more spiders to kill off before I can crack open the Royal Cocoon.

You can try to open the Royal Cocoon before you kill all the enemies surrounding it, but it probably won’t work. As you can see in the screenshot, there is a “timer” involved.  The Royal Cocoon won’t open until that timer runs out.

A man will pop out of the Royal Cocoon.  The player is setting these men free before they become a dessert for Queen Araneae.  Some of the men do a little “happy dance” after being released from the Royal Cocoon.

The released men don’t stick around for long.  They open up a portal, run into it, and … go back to whatever town they came from?

The difficult part of this event/Bounty is that the player won’t know exactly where to find all of the Royal Cocoons.  The event ends after the player has found, and opened, all 6 of them.  There are clues on the map, but it doesn’t show all of the Royal Cocoons at the same time.  This means the player will have to randomly search The Cavern of Araneae until they find all the Royal Cocoons.  You end up fighting not only the “guard” spiders, but also the random monsters that are located in this area.

Personally, I like this event/Bounty.  It feels something like the event in Alcarnus where the player has to release 8 prisoners from their cages (while fighting off the enemies that are in the area).  In that event, the freed prisoners run off after they get out of the cage.


  1. I have killed every living (and undead) thing in the cavern of Areanae, and have so far only gotten two coccons to open, and I’m not sure how I did that. Is there a particular sequence in which you have to open them? Is there something specific you have to do, besides killing all the monsters, to get them to open? I’m getting frustrated, and the sight of a 69-year-old grandmother getting frustrated is not pretty! I’d appreciate any suggestions.

    1. Karen Rhodes,

      Here’s what I did:
      1. Look at the mini map at the top lefthand corner of the screen. Yellow dots show location of cocoons.
      2. Pay attention to the yellow arrows that pop up – they point you toward where to find nearby cocoons.

      3. Kill all of the monsters that are surrounding a specific cocoon. Some of the monsters will have a glowing ring underneath them. That indicates that those are the ones you need to kill (because they are connected with a specific cocoon).

      4. Kill the rest of the nearby monsters anyway, because they can hit you while you are trying to open a cocoon. If they do that, you will have to kill the monster before clicking on the cocoon again.

      5. Click on the cocoon once. Don’t do anything else until the blue bar above the cocoon fills up. When the bar fills up, the cocoon will automatically open and something will pop out of it. (Usually, its a man. Sometimes, it might be other monsters that will try and fight with you.) I think this part, waiting for the bar to fill, might be the part you are missing.

      It does not matter what order you open the cocoons in.

      You must open all the cocoons before you leave the game. If you leave the game before you finish opening cocoons, the ones you already opened won’t count and you would have to start over.

      I hope this helps you!

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