A Monk is wearing four pieces of Tyrael's armor. Each piece appears to have at least some gold on it. On her back are butterfly wings. Next to her is a monstrosity of a pug dog.

In this video, my Monk started by doing a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty. She also completed the last of the unfinished objectives in Chapter II. Next, she completed the remaining objectives in Chapter III, and started working on Chapter IV.


Objectives completed in this video:

  • Hot Anvil, Strong Steel, & The Real Deal: Craft a level 70 Weapon or Armor Piece (Chapter II)
  • The Little Things That Count: Craft a level 70 Ring or Amulet (Chapter II)
  • Master: Complete a Nephalem Rift on Master difficulty or higher (Chapter III)
  • Pyramid Scheme: Kill Zoltun Kulle at level 70 on Master difficulty or higher (Chapter III)
  • Natural Light: Kill Rakanoth on Level 70 on Master difficulty or higher (Chapter III)
  • The Rock: Craft a Gem of Imperial or greater quality at the Jeweler. Socketing an Emerald into your weapon increases your Critical Hit Damage and is big damage boost. (Chapter III)
  • Just Look At You: Learn 5 Jewelcrafting Recipes (Chapter IV)
  • Rift And Roll: Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment I Difficulty or higher (Chapter IV)

In addition, my Monk continued working on the altar. It requires a whole lot of stuff, and cannot be completed all at once.

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