This is Dominion’s Revenge. Unlike many of my other Diablo III pets, this one did not come from a Menagerist Goblin.  The flavor text for this pet says: Who called in the fleet? – StarCraft 20th anniversary 2018.

Most pets in Diablo III are dropped by Menagerist Goblins.  Some pets are rewards for completing Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, and Chapter IV in a Season.  The Dominion’s Revenge was unique.  To me, it seemed like it just appeared out of nowhere one day.

I logged into Diablo III so I could continue working my way through Season 13. When I got in-game, there was a notification on my screen about a pet. I couldn’t understand where the pet came from, so I quickly searched through the pets that I had.  On first glance, I didn’t see the Dominion’s Revenge pet.

StarCraft 20th Anniversary: Logged in during the StarCraft 20th Anniversary.

Eventually, I noticed that I’d earned a StarCraft Achievement. That seemed odd, since I haven’t played StarCraft. This Achievement could only be earned for a limited time. Players had to log into Diablo III during the StarCraft 20th Anniversary.  Just like that – Dominion’s Revenge becomes one of your pets.

The pet is part of something fun Blizzard was doing at the time.  To celebrate 20 Years of StarCraft, Blizzard added StarCraft related stuff into the rest of their games.  Those special rewards are being offered during a certain span of time. Once the date passes for a specific reward – players will no longer be able to obtain it.

The Dominion’s Revenge Pet became available on March 6, 2018.  Diablo III players simply had to log into Diablo III after that date to get this pet.  Blizzard describes it on the 20 Years of StarCraft website as: a fearsome Battlecruiser-themed Pet.  It is unclear how long, exactly, this pet will be obtainable.

Dominion’s Revenge follows your character around and picks up gold.  I’ve noticed that it moves very differently from the other pets.  It is not the only pet that floats in the air. Dominion’s Revenge moves like one would expect a StarCraft ship to move if it got dropped into Sanctuary.  It sort of halts, and it turns rather mechanically.

I was streaming on Twitch when I got the Dominion’s Revenge pet. I put together a Twitch Clip that shows what this pet looks like, how to find it, and how strangely it moves.

Here is my Season 13 Necromancer with the Dominion’s Revenge pet. The last time I played StarCraft was decades ago, when it first came out.  The Dominion’s Revenge pet reminds me of LAN parties and building tons of little bitty robots to attack my friend’s bases with.

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