Dragon Mania Legends is an app game made by Gameloft. Players accumulate different dragons from finishing quests, hatching eggs, and winning contests (for lack of a better term). There is a quest story line that involves having your dragons fight against the dragons of a group of Vikings.

The screenshots in this blog are from 2016, when I started playing Dragon Mania Legends.

Each dragon has one or more “elements” that determine the type of skills it can learn and the kind of habitat it needs to live in. Players can level up their dragons by feeding them, and can level up their skills by using scrolls.

It’s a cute game that combines fighting, the potential to earn three stars in each location on a map, and collection of the different kinds of dragons. This is a simplified explanation of what you can do in Dragon Mania Legends.

The very first dragon players get is the Fire Dragon. If I remember correctly, the Fire Dragon is given to players as either part of a quest or as part of the story line. Dragons hatch from eggs that countdown in real time. The Fire dragon is part of the First Friends collection.

All dragons start out as babies (and at Level 1).  Each comes with a random four letter name. Players can change the name if they don’t like it. I’ve never bothered to do that, though. A dragon doesn’t change into an adult until Level 4.

This is what the Fire Dragon looks like as an adult. Dragons that are Level 4 or higher can battle other dragons. Players must buy Farms (which can also be leveled up) to grow food for their dragons. It is also possible to win food from successful battles, and as part of a “free spin” system.

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