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Evil Dead (2013) holds absolutely nothing back! The film is extremely violent and gory in ways that take notes from the previous movies and expand upon them. Fans of the series will find several key elements in this remake, including The “Book of the Dead” and the visual of a creepy figure peeking out from under a door to the basement.

The movie introduces a brand new cast of characters who encounter the “evil dead” during a visit to a cabin in the woods.

As a fan of the Evil Dead series of movies, I was both excited and concerned about watching the new Evil Dead (2013). The excitement, of course, was simply because there was a new movie in the series to watch.

The concern was one that I have with all movies that are remakes. Was I about to watch the series I love be desecrated by thoughtless changes, or would it stay true to the original? To my delight, Evil Dead (2013) was exactly what I was hoping to see.

The story line is as simplistic as it was in the original Evil Dead movie. Brand new characters appear for this remake. This was an excellent choice, because it avoids the problem of having a new actor attempt to play the role of Ash. No one is going to do that better than Bruce Campbell!

From the beginning, through to the end, Evil Dead (2013) holds nothing back! The earliest scenes of the movie include a girl who is trying to escape from a man who is following her through the woods. Without giving too much away, viewers soon realize that the girl isn’t quite who they may have expected her to be.

The scene quickly becomes creepy, intense, and incredibly gory. The earliest scenes give a history of what happened in the setting of the movie not long before the main characters arrive.

Evil Dead (2013) is about five friends who are visiting a cabin out in the woods. The cabin is a visual reminder of the first two movies in the series. Mia (played by Jane Levy) has come to the cabin, which her family owns, in order to go through a detox off the drugs she has become addicted to.

This was a brilliant idea! Both the viewer, and the main characters, have to try and figure out if Mia is acting crazy, screaming, and/or throwing up due to the side effects of the drug detox – or due to being possessed.

Her friend Olivia (played by Jessica Lucas) is a nurse who can help Mia through the detoxification process. Joining them is Eric (played by Lou Taylor Pucci) who Mia, Olivia, and David have been friends with for years. David (played by Shiloh Fernandez) is Mia’s brother.

It becomes clear early on that David and Mia have become estranged, in part, by the recent death of their mother. David has also separated himself from the rest of his group of friends, and there is some tension as a result. Accompanying David is his girlfriend Natalie (played by Elizabeth Blackmore). This is the first time the rest of the group has seen her.

As expected in an Evil Dead movie, things start to go wrong for the group of friends. Fans of the series will immediately recognize what is happening as it remains true what was established in the previous movies. Those new to the series are given enough information to prevent confusion.

The movie has the elements that the series is known for. Viewers get some scenes where the viewpoint is from something that is running through the woods. Without giving away too many details, I will say that are scenes where a character uses a chainsaw.

The iconic image of the “evil dead” leering out form underneath a door to the basement appears in this movie. The “Book of the Dead”, with its ugly, stitched, cover is a key part of what moves the story along.

Many reviews of this movie is one that many reviews have mentioned that it is a complete bloodbath all the way through to the end. It is extremely gory and violent. Obviously, this is not a movie for children, or for those who are squeamish about the sight of blood.

That being said, as a fan of the Evil Dead series of movies, I absolutely enjoyed this film! Stick around after the credits for a fun cameo by an actor that fans will immediately recognize.

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