My third attempt to earn the Glossy Finish Achievement in Flight Rising resulted in a success!  The trick seems to be to select two parent dragons that each have the Iridescent Primary Gene.

If you only have one dragon with that gene the odds are your dragons will not produce a baby with the Iridescent Primary Gene at all.  This blog has all the details on how I finally earned the Glossy Finish Achievement.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

This time, I selected the parent dragons Tarkin and Trixibelle.

Tarken is a male Imperial.
Primary: Charcoal Iridescent
Secondary: Sky Shimmer
Tertiary: Black Underbelly

Trixibelle is a female Fae.
Primary: Navy Iridescent
Secondary: Shadow Shimmer
Tertiary: Spring Basic

They produced only one egg.  I figured that meant their baby would be an Imperial (since they seem to produce less eggs).  I was wrong.

Here is a better look at this Fae baby.

Shiny is a female Fae.
Primary: Coal Iridescent
Secondary: Lavender Shimmer
Tertiary: Emerald Basic

She has the Iridescent Primary Gene!  It isn’t the same color as the gene that either of her parents have, but the color doesn’t matter.  It could be any color on the spectrum, and it would still count for the Glossy Finish Achievement.

Glossy Finish:  Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Iridescent Primary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned 2014-04-20.

Shiny turned into a very pretty adult dragon.

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