Years ago, I started expressing my frustration in the form of haiku. It was a coping mechanism for when I worked in “retail hell”. Later, I discovered that Twitter is an excellent place to post haiku (especially after Twitter added line breaks). If you’re going to complain online, you may as well find a creative way to do it.

February turned out to be an unexpectedly difficult month from a physical health standpoint. Spring has started here in sunny California, and all the little flowers are spewing pollen into the air as hard as they can. The pollen count has been “medium-high” for days in a row, and that is high enough to make me sick.

I ended up taking a lot of medication and trying to cope with painfully itchy eyes. I was also sick from an infection and learned I had a severe vitamin D deficiency. Not a good month!

This batch of Twitter haiku is dedicated to all the other people who are suffering through a bad allergy season. It is also for people who are stuck coping with a chronic illness that can make them experience a lot of pain at a moment’s notice. Hang in there!

We have no water
Neither hot water nor cold
Someone shut it off
February 2, 2015

The hot water was turned off for the entire mobile home park for about an hour or two. I’ve no idea why, but can confirm that the water was turned back on after that.

At the time, it was frustrating because we’d only recently gotten our hot water heater replaced after it became broken. To lose access to all water shortly after that, without knowing when it would return, was stressful!

One of the neighbors
Using a pressure washer
Despite all the rain
February 8, 2015

Today’s pollen count
Is “medium-high” again
I am struggling
February 8, 2015

Neighbor across the way
Loudly builds an extension
Waking me from sleep
February 12, 2015

Fighting infection
Now, with more dust in the air
Horrible neighbors
February 12, 2015

I slept twelve hours
Pollen count: medium-high
That explains it all
February 16, 2015

Construction noises
They’re destroying something else
It must be Monday
February 16, 2015

There must be treasure
Buried beneath the concrete
The search continues
February 16, 2015

Going to sleep now
Hoping to see butterflies
After I wake up
February 24, 2015

Woke up allergic
Can’t go see the butterflies
Fucking allergies
February 24, 2015

Twitter crashes now
Every time that I log in
So I use Tweetbot
February 25, 2015

My allergy meds
Have now, finally, kicked in
No more itchy eyes
February 28, 2015

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