I finally completed Act III, (on Normal Difficulty). My Barbarian, Zeta, is my highest level character. This made me feel like I had actually accomplished something!

There are some seriously ugly, gigantic, creatures down here.

Checkpoint! Tower of the Cursed Level 2

Checkpoint! Heart of the Cursed

A Question of Lust: Kill Cydaea on Normal difficulty.

I also got Beastmaster of Arreat: Read the following Bestiary Lore books in Act III at right about the same time.

Here’s one of those Sin Hearts you are supposed to destroy.

The Mouth of Hell: Explore the following areas of Arreat Crater

Arreat Crater Level 1, Arreat Crater Level 2, Tower of the Damned Level 1, Tower of the Damned Level 2, Heart of the Damned, Tower of the Cursed Level 1, Tower of the Cursed Level 2, Heart of the Cursed, The Core of Arreat, Heart of Sin

Finally! There’s Azmodan. (All of him, not just his glowing, taunting head).

The Lord of Sin: Kill Azmodan on Normal difficulty.

Leah throws some of her power at the Black Soulstone.

Checkpoint! Back to Bastion’s Keep Stronghold

Adria hasn’t been telling the truth about her motives. Here she is, helping her daughter, Leah, get taken over by Diablo (and others).

Leah/Diablo opens a portal to the High Heavens, and goes through it.

The Wages of Sin: Complete all quests in Act III.

The Siege of Bastion’s Keep, Turning the Tide, The Breached Keep, Tremors in the Stone, The Machines of War, Siegebreaker, Heart of Sin

Zeta has now completed all of Act III, Normal Difficulty!

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