If you visit the Flight Rising website, you will see a “Random Dragon” that is being featured. It changes frequently. I like that they do this. It’s fun to see what other player’s dragons look like. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything in their system that automatically notifies a player whose dragon had been featured.

That being said, there is a forum post that is trying to bridge that gap. It is under the “Dragon Share” section, and is titled Ping the Random Dragon’s Owner. To participate, you post the dragon that is currently featured and post the dragon owner’s name with an @ in front of it. The player will get a notification that someone mentioned them in a forum post.

This was how I learned that another one of my dragons got featured. This time it was Snicklefritz. He’s a Spiral dragon. His genes are: Midnight Iridescent/ Ivory Seraph / Ivory Crackle.

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