My Flight Rising dragons have grown since my last post. Some of this automatically happens as they age into adulthood. The rest comes from my efforts to level them in the coliseum. Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to with my dragons. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Sassafrass is now in adult form.

Here is how he looked as a baby.

Sassafras is a male Mirror.
Primary: Fire Tiger
Secondary: Royal Freckle
Tertiary: Goldenrod Underbelly

He is currently ready to breed, but the mate I picked out for him won’t be ready for thirteen more days. From what I can tell, it seems like two dragons will sync up after you mate them together for the first time. It should be easier to breed them after that.

His mate is Few, who is now in adult form (and wearing gold bracelets).

Here is how she looked as a baby.

Few is a female Imperial.
Primary: Emerald Clown
Secondary: Spring Eye Spots
Tertiary: Storm Basic

Smokey, the dragon that I hatched out of a random egg that I found, is now an adult.

Smokey is a female Fae.
Primary: Grey Basic
Secondary: Charcoal Basic
Tertiary: Grey Basic

Smokey is ready to breed right now. Unfortunately, the mate I picked out for her, Darby, is not. He’s got twenty-three more days to go before he can breed. Originally, I wanted the two of them to make beautiful, dark, dragon babies. There is a chance I will get impatient and breed Smokey and Sassafras together, as they wait for their mates to be ready.

This is what Darby looks like now, in adult form.

Here’s what Darby looked like as a baby.

Darby is a male Wildclaw.
Primary: Obsidian Basic
Secondary: Jade Stripes
Tertiary: Brown Basic

The dragon I got from my friend (in trade for another dragon), Trixibelle, is now an adult.

I had a rose drop from one of the battles in the Coliseum. She’s a very pretty dragon, who is now holding the rose in her teeth.

Trixibelle is a female Fae.
Primary: Navy Iridescent
Secondary: Shadow Shimmer
Tertiary: Spring Basic

Trixibelle won’t be able to breed for three more days. Her mate, Zazu, will be ready in seven days. That’s close enough for me to wait until both are ready. They should make some pretty purple Fae babies!

Zazu just turned into adult form now, as I was putting together this blog.

Here is what he looked like as a baby.

Zazu is a male Fae.
Primary: Royal Basic
Secondary: Mulberry Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

Tomato, the bright red dragon I got in trade through the “Ugly Baby Swap Station” is now in adult form. He turned out even better than I expected!

Here is what he looks like now.

Here is what he looked like as a baby.

Tomato is a male Tundra.
Primary: Maroon Basic
Secondary: Tomato Basic
Tertiary: Teal Basic

Tomato won’t be ready to breed for three more days. I decided that his mate should be a very green dragon, so they could make Christmas colored babies. I didn’t have any Snapper dragons yet, so that is the breed I chose.

Here is what Pepper looks like right now.

Pepper is a female Snapper.
Primary: Jungle Speckle
Secondary: Jungle Basic
Tertiary: Tomato Basic

She’s a green “turtle dragon”, who hasn’t reached adulthood yet. She won’t be ready to breed for eleven more days. It takes five days for dragon eggs to incubate and be ready to hatch. I may be too late for the Christmas colored babies sale this year, but it might work out. If not, they can make Cinco de Mayo colored babies instead.

My dragon lair was starting to fill up, and I had just one more space left. I also had two dragons that were nesting their one egg. It was just enough room. The parent dragons were Bulah and Legend.

Bulah is a female Fae.
Primary: Splash Basic
Secondary: Avocado Basic
Tertiary: Leaf Basic

Legend is a male Tundra.
Primary: Ice Basic
Secondary: Ice Basic
Tertiary: Mulberry Basic

Inside their one, lonely, little, egg was this adorable dragon! Of course, I decided to keep her.

Breeya is a female Tundra.
Primary: Splash Basic
Secondary: Banana Basic
Tertiary: Purple Basic

Breeya is not yet an adult, and will not be able to breed for twelve more days. It really doesn’t matter when she is ready, because I haven’t gotten her a mate yet. There are quite a few other dragon couples who will be ready to make babies… eventually. Breeya would end up waiting, with or without a mate.

My dragon lair was now entirely full. There were no dragons nesting, so I decided to have Shadowspawn, and Bob, my two original dragons, breed again. My intention is to sell (or give away) the babies.

Their eggs should hatch by the time I am ready to do my next Flight Rising blog, so I will wait until then to list their genes. There is enough variation in these two parents that I find it difficult to predict what their babies will look like.

This was when I realized that I would need more space in my dragon’s lair. Those babies are going to hatch in a few days, and the game automatically places them into your lair. You can purchase another row of space using the in-game currency. So, three incoming babies, five spaces in the row… that should be plenty of room!

At this point, I decided I was done adding to my lair. Eventually, I will want to pick up at least one of the types of dragons that I didn’t have yet. But, that could wait until after I breed the ones I have (and figure out what to do with the babies).

Except, that’s not what happened. A random (and very nice) stranger, sent me a Crossroads. In plain English, that means the person set up an in-game trade with me. The person was offering me a lovely dragon, of a type I didn’t have yet, and wanted only 1 gold in return.

I have no idea what prompted this, but decided to accept the trade. I sent the person a “thank you” and offered one of the new babies that were about to hatch, but he or she declined the offer. Thank you, once again, nice person, for the lovely dragon!

This is what Gracie looked like as a baby, when I first got her.

As I was writing this blog, she grew up into adult form.

Gracie is a female Skydancer.
Primary: Steel Basic
Secondary: Blue Basic
Tertiary: Beige Basic

Gracie will not be able to breed for nineteen days. At first, she looked rather pathetic, sitting all by herself on an empty “page” of the lair. So, I decided to buy her a mate. I selected a type of dragon that I did not have yet. There might be one more types I still need, but I haven’t taken the time to figure that out yet.

I named my new dragon Reaper, because he had similar coloring to Malthael in Diablo III.

Reaper is still a baby, and won’t be able to breed for seventeen days. I am absolutely done acquiring dragons for now (beyond the ones I end up with as a result of breeding my current dragons). My plan is to sell or trade away the upcoming babies. The only pair I have that is able to breed… are currently nesting. It will be a while before any more pairs can breed, so it will be a while before I do another Flight Rising blog.

Other than that, I’ve been working on leveling my dragons.

What else is new? Shadowspawn is now wearing a navy tail wrap and a navy neck wrap.

Pepto is wearing a maroon chest wrap. It looks like a scrunchy t-shirt!

I also got two brand new familiars for my dragons to play with. Each one was a random drop after a victorious battle.

The Dryad went to Legend, and the Strangler went to Santos. Familiars are cool, because they give you treasure when you click on them. You can do that once a day. Sometimes, they drop other stuff, like chests that you can open.

This turned out to be a much longer Flight Rising post than I anticipated. The next one should be a lot shorter. It will be an update on the babies that are currently waiting to hatch (and what I ended up doing with them). I am also going to continue leveling my dragons.

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