Recently, Flight Rising re-enabled their Achievements. I’ve been working on trying to earn the some of the breeding ones (that you get if your dragons produce a baby with a particular gene). So far, this is working quite well! All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The next pair of dragons that were ready to breed (and that had not produced babies yet) were Sassafras and Few. I was very curious to see what their babies would look like!

Sassafras is a male Mirror.
Primary: Fire Tiger
Secondary: Royal Freckle
Tertiary: Goldenrod Underbelly

Few is a female Imperial.
Primary: Emerald Clown
Secondary: Spring Eye Spots
Tertiary: Storm Basic

Between the two of them, they had five “special” genes. I figured that the odds were good that at least one of those would be passed onto their babies. Sassafras and Few had two adorable babies!

Lately, I’ve been putting the baby dragons into the Auction House and selling them.  These two little cuties were just too pretty to sell, so I decided to keep them both.  They both got named, and I purchased a mate for each one.

The green one is a female Mirror (who is now named Jade).
Primary: Emerald Clown
Secondary: Green Eye Spots
Tertiary: Forest Basic

The yellow one is a male Mirror (who is now named Impulse).
Primary: Banana Tiger
Secondary: Leaf Eye Spots
Tertiary: Forest Basic

They ended up with several “special” genes! That worked out better than I anticipated it would. I earned the following breeding Achievements:

Eye-Catching!: Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Eye Spot Secondary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2013-12-22.

Think You’re Funny?: Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Clown Primary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2013-12-22.

Grr, Baby, Grr…: Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Tiger Primary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2013-12-22.

Next, I went to the Auction House to pick out mates for these new baby dragons.  Some of the breeding Achievements that I haven’t earned yet require dragons with “special” genes that none of my current dragons have.

Obviously, I needed one new male dragon, and one new female dragon.  I’ve been wanting a male Imperial (because I didn’t have one yet and they look cool).  I also didn’t have any Ridgeback dragons yet, so I needed one of those, too.  I prefer the look of the female Ridgebacks to the male ones, so that settled that.  It also greatly narrowed down my potential choices.

I purchased a male Imperial as a mate for Jade.  His parents were named Megatron and Starscream, and this amused me.  Shawn helped me pick a name that would go along with the theme – Laserbeak.  This dragon was purchased when he was a baby, and he has already changed into adult form.  Look how fancy!

Laserbeak is a male Imperial.
Primary: Silver Tiger
Secondary: Rose Seraph
Tertiary: Thistle Gembond

For Impulse, I purchased a female Ridgeback from the Auction House. I used the Random Name Generator and decided that Viktoria was a good name for her. She, too, has already grown from baby form to adult form.

Viktoria is a female Ridgeback.
Primary: White Tiger
Secondary: Blue Seraph
Tertiary: Ice Basic

Eventually, these dragon pairs should produce some babies that will earn me a couple more of the breeding Achievements. If so, I’ll make a blog post about it. Jade and Impulse are still in baby form, so they will have to wait to breed.

Each player starts out with two nests that they can use to breed dragons.  (More nest space can be purchased).  I tend to wait to breed a new pair of dragons until I have sorted out what to do with the most recent batch of babies.  My decision to keep both Jade and Impulse meant I could breed the next pair of dragons right away.

Originally, I hoped this next pair would produce lovely, dark, babies.  Now that the Achievements have been re-enabled, I was also hoping that they would create a baby that had the stripes gene.

Smokey is a female Fae.
Primary: Grey Basic
Secondary: Charcoal Basic
Tertiary: Grey Basic

Darby is a male Wildclaw.
Primary: Obsidian Basic
Secondary: Jade Stripes
Tertiary: Brown Basic

They produced three little Fae babies. Right now, I think I want to keep all of them. Two have the stripes gene, and the other is a lovely, dark, baby dragon. There is potential that I may change my mind, so I’ve decided to hold off on naming them for now. (It seems most people put unnamed dragons on the Auction House).

Unnamed is a male Fae.
Primary: Grey Basic
Secondary: Violet Stripes
Tertiary: Carmine Basic

Unnamed is a female Fae.
Primary: Black Basic
Secondary: Thistle Stripes
Tertiary: Platinum Basic

Both these babies have the “special” stripes gene. Produce a dragon with it, and you will earn the Speed Lines Achievement.

Speed Lines: Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Stripes Secondary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2013-12-27.

The third, unnamed, baby Fae didn’t inherit the stripes gene.  But, she is a nice, dark dragon.

Unnamed is a female Fae.
Primary: Obsidian Basic
Secondary: Black Basic
Tertiary: Crimson Basic

All three dragons were born today, so it will be a while before any of them will be able to breed. Therefore, I see no reason to rush out and buy them mates (especially since I’m not quite sure if I’m going to keep all of these dragons).

The interesting thing is that these little baby Fae dragons can mate with almost all of the dragons in my Lair (excluding their parents, of course). Smokey came from an egg that I found, and has no parents. Darby has parents that are not in my Lair. It isn’t entirely necessary to buy new dragons for these babies to (eventually) breed with.

On the other hand, there are still some breeding Achievements that require dragons with genes that none of my current ones have. Decisions… decisions…

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