Flight Rising is a fun, browser-based game, where players are in charge of a Lair full of dragons.  One of the things you can do is breed your dragons.  It is an inexpensive way to get more dragons… at first.  You’re going to need to feed them, and that can get expensive.

Recently, I purchased an Unhatched Nature Egg from the Auction House.  Dragons that hatch from eggs have no parents and can mate with absolutely any dragon of the opposite gender. This is because they are not related to any other Flight Rising dragon.

Naturally, I decided to breed the dragon that hatched from the Nature Egg.  There was no telling what the babies would look like.  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

The dragon that hatched from the Unhatched Nature Egg turned out to be pretty.  She had colors that fit the Nature theme.

Esmeralda is a female Tundra
Primary: Avocado Basic
Secondary: Umber Basic
Tertiary: Cantaloupe Basic

The great thing about dragons that hatch from an Unhatched Egg that you buy in the Auction House, or randomly find while Gathering, is they function like starter dragons.  They don’t have any parents – and are born without being related to any dragon in the game.  This means a player can breed that dragon with absolutely any dragon (that is of the opposite gender).

I decided to see what would happen if I bred Esmeralda with one of my other dragons.  There was a chance she would produce babies that were varying shades of green and brown (like herself). The “wild card” was her Tertiary gene – Cantaloupe Basic.  It seemed my best chance of getting lovely nature-looking dragon babies would be to breed Esmeralda with another dragon that had either green or brown genes.

Cocoa is a male Snapper
Primary: Soil Basic
Secondary: Slate Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

The Breeding section of Flight Rising lets players preview what the babies of two dragons could potentially look like.  What you are shown is not a promise.  It’s more like a possibility of results.  Some of the potential babies looked good – and others looked rather hideous.

Three of these potential babies are so bright that it almost hurts to look at them!

I was not expecting to see a lime green colored baby, but there we are.

This batch isn’t very pleasant to look at.  Maybe this was a bad idea.

One more preview… and I got some potential baby dragons that looked like they belonged with the Nature flight.

I decided to take a chance and hope for the best.  Esmeralda and Cocoa had two eggs.  Not bad! I was worried that they would have five eggs (the maximum number possible) and that all the babies would be incredibly ugly.  Two eggs seemed manageable.

The babies turned out to be lovely!  I got lucky this time.

 Carmel is a male Tundra
Primary: Tan Basic
Secondary: Dirt Basic
Tertiary: Honeydew Basic

Dusk is a male Tundra
Primary: Taupe Basic
Secondary: Umber Basic
Tertiary: Pear Basic

I am very happy with how this breeding experiment turned out.

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