Flight Rising is a game where you manage a Lair full of dragons.  Breed two of them together, and they might produce offspring that have a “special” gene.  I’ve been working my way through the Breeding Achievements in the game.

This time, I tried to get a pair of dragons to produce a baby that had the Circuit gene.  This attempt failed!   All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

None of the dragons in my Lair had the Circuit gene.  That means that it didn’t matter which dragons I paired together – none of them were able to produce a baby that had the Circuit gene.

I had two choices.  I could go to the Marketplace in Flight Rising, purchase a gene change scroll for the Circuit gene, and put that gene on one of my existing dragons.  Or, I could buy a dragon from the Auction House that already had the Circuit gene.  I ended up deciding to buy a dragon from the Auction House that had the “special” gene that I needed.

Here are the parent dragons that I paired together.

Hewlett is a female Guardian dragon.
Primary: Tomato Basic
Secondary: Purple Basic
Teritary: Splash Circuit

She has the Tertiary Circuit gene (in the Splash color).

Cocoa is a male Snapper.
Primary: Soil Basic
Secondary: Slate Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

Hewlett is a female dragon and she was ready to breed.  She isn’t related to any of the dragons in my Lair.  That made it easier to find her a male dragon to mate with.  My choices were somewhat limited.  Some male dragons were not ready to breed, and others were still babies and ineligible to breed.

I ended up selecting Cocoa.  When I previewed what the potential offspring could look like between Hewlett, and several other male dragons, there were some super ugly results!  The preview of the potential offspring between Cocoa and Hewlett looked ok.  My hope was that they would produce a baby that had the Circuit gene, so I could earn the Achievement.

Hewlett and Cocoa produced two babies.  Both were Snappers!  Neither one had the Circuit gene.

Circuit Breaker Achievement – Fail!

Unnamed is a female Snapper.
Primary: Soil Basic
Secondary: Shadow Basic
Teritary: Avocado Basic

Unnamed is a male Snapper.
Primary: Soil Basic
Secondary: Red Basic
Tertiary: Sky Basic

What to do with these little cuties?  It took me about a day to decide.  I’m running out of Lair space (yet again).   The attempt to earn the Circuit Breaker Achievement failed, so I will need to breed Hewlett at least one more time.  Both of these babies look a whole lot like their father, Cocoa.  Do I really need three nearly identical Snapper dragons?

After thinking it over, I decided to put these two babies on the Auction House.   If they sell, I will get some treasure (which will go toward buying more Lair space).  If they don’t sell, I might consider exalting them (and letting that count toward the next exalting achievement).  I’ve got nothing to lose!

The unnamed female sold and was immediately exalted to the Stormcatcher.  I was of the impression that you had to name a dragon before you could exalt it.  Seems I was wrong about that!

The unnamed male Snapper did not sell, so the Auction House sent him back to me.  His name is now CherryCola, and I will be keeping him.  Shortly before this dragon returned to me, I was looking through the “Dragon Sharing” forum post of the month, which featured dragons that are named after food!

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