My original dragon, Shadowspawn, and her mate, Bob, had babies. They had two eggs, and the dragons that hatched from them turned out to be females. Today, I decided to use the Flight Rising Auction House and purchase a mate for each of them. All of the artwork you see in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

I bought this guy because I liked his colors. His name came from the random name generator in the game. Santos sounded like a good name for this dragon.

Santos is a Guardian Male
Primary: Azure Basic
Secondary: Midnight Basic
Tertiary: Shadow Basic

He was 6 days old when I bought him. He’s going to be the mate of Pepto, a female Fae dragon who is currently 1 week old. She is mostly lavender in color. It should be interesting to see what colors the babies of Pepto and Santos will be.

I decided to purchase this guy for two reasons. I didn’t have a fuzzy dragon yet (and wanted one). I also liked his colors. His name, Legend, also came from the random name generator in the game.

Legend is a Tundra Male
Primary: Ice Basic
Secondary: Ice Basic
Tertiary: Mulberry Basic

Legend is going to be the mate of Bulah, the other female baby who recently hatched. When I bought Legend, he was only 1 day old. Bulah is currently 1 week old. She is a vibrant blue and green dragon. What will their babies look like?

The only other thing I have to report is that I found a familiar. Shadowspawn now has a Grey River Flight to play with. To me, it looks like an otter with wings.

One of the unique things about Flight Rising is that it plays with genetics. You cannot mate a dragon with its parent or siblings. This means you must buy mates for your new dragons that come from outside of the family. (Or you can trade for them).


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