Flight Rising allows you to breed your dragons. I have learned that it is impracticable to keep all of the babies that are produced. What can you do with the extra babies? I decided to see if I could find them homes. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Last time, I mentioned that I had two dragons that were nesting. There were three eggs in the nest, and I knew that I wasn’t going to keep all the babies.

You cannot breed dragons that share ancestors or relatives within 5 generations. Keeping all the babies gives you two immediate problems: It will be difficult (or impossible) to breed them, and you will run out of lair space. The solution is to either find a way to remove the babies from your lair, or to buy them all a mate that is completely unrelated to your dragon “family”.

Pepto and Santos were the dragon parents of this nest.

They produced these three babies:

My intent was to keep only one of them. I decided to keep the very purple Fae (which I originally thought was female, but later realized was male). I used the Random name generator and ended up selecting a gender-neutral name: Zazu.

Zazu is a male Fae
Primary: Royal Basic
Secondary: Mulberry Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

Now, what was I to do with the other two babies? Last time I had extra babies, I put them on the Auction House. Both those babies sold, and got immediately exalted (which was rather disappointing). This time, I decided to use the Forums (in the hopes of finding the babies a “forever home”).

There is a section in the Forum called “Dragon Trading”. Somewhere in there, I found the “Ugly Baby Swap Station”. The name made me giggle, so I decided to check it out. It’s a great place to visit if you want to see some really colorful dragons! Somewhere in there, was a post from someone who had two, bright red, Tundra babies that the person didn’t want. This one caught my eye:

Unnamed Tundra Male
Primary: Maroon Basic
Secondary: Tomato Basic
Tertiary: Teal Basic

I offered the person my baby Fae dragon. My thought was that if the red dragons were “ugly”, perhaps a dragon with more muted colors would be welcomed.

It worked! The trade was accepted by the person. (I am leaving out the name because I didn’t ask permission to post it here). The person responded to my trade offer within the “Ugly Baby Swap Station” post, and was kind enough to set up a Crossroads for me. (The Crossroads is the mechanism in the Flight Rising game that enables trading).

So far, so good. I immediately named my new male Tundra baby “Tomato”. As of the time I am writing this post, the female Fae is still unnamed. She didn’t get stuck on the Auction House, and she hasn’t been exalted, so I’m happy.

What to do with the lovely blue baby Guardian? Finding him a new home was more difficult than I expected (especially since he was so pretty).

Unnamed male Guardian
Primary: Stonewash Basic
Secondary: Stonewash Basic
Tertiary: Lavender Basic

Once again, I turned the Forum. This time, I went to the “Dragons Wanted” section, and started searching around.

First, I found a post made by a person who wanted an “X/X/Y” dragon. In plain English, that means the person was seeking dragons that had the same gene as their Primary and as their Secondary (and a different gene for their Tertiary). My baby guardian fit that description.

It turned out that a whole lot of other dragons also fit that description! The person got tons of offers, and posted that they would ping people if they were interested in a particular dragon. I didn’t get a ping, so I needed to keep trying to find a home for my little blue dragon baby.

Next, I found a post from a person who was looking for “triple blue” dragons. Two of this baby guardian’s genes were blue, so I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, the person felt that the lavender gene was too far out of range. I suspect the person is intending to breed dragons that produce very blue babies. So, that didn’t work out for me.

I have a friend on Tumblr who plays Flight Rising. I would not have known about the game at all if she had not posted about it on her Tumblr. I’ve sent her a few Tumblr messages with questions I had about Flight Rising, and she was kind enough to take the time to answer.

It dawned on me that I could add her as a friend on Flight Rising itself, and, ya know, talk about the game with her through the game. Dunno why it took me so long to figure that out! So, long story short, I figured out how to send a friend request through Flight Rising, and am now, officially, friends with Annorith. Yay! 😀

I offered her the lovely blue male baby Guardian, and we ended up trading dragons. She had a very beautiful female fae that needed a home. She set a Crossroads for us. (Eventually, I should take the time to learn how to do that).

She named the baby Guardian “Bristi”, and I named the baby Fae “Trixibelle”. As usual, I got the name from the Random Name Generator. Keep clicking, and something good is bound to turn up!

Trixibelle is a female Fae.
Primary: Navy Iridescent
Secondary: Shadow Shimmer
Tertiary: Spring Basic

Trixibelle and Zazu are going to be mates, and Annorith and I expect they will produce pretty purple babies. It will be a while before they can mate, though.

My intention, this time, was to figure out how to trade (or sell) dragons without using the Auction House. Overall, I found that using the Forums is “hit or miss”. It can work right away, or it can result in multiple “rejections” (and a need to try again). Using the Forum is much more tedious and time consuming than using the Auction House (which is “set it and forget it”).

I also learned that trading dragons with friends is really fun! It’s nice to be able to offer up a trade with someone that you already know and like. Doing so gives you the opportunity to talk about the breeding potential of the dragons that were traded, and gives you a person who will be just as excited as you are to see what color babies the dragons produce.

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